A lable fanfic :)

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Hi I'm Mable Lexi Carter I'm 17 and I love 5 seconds of summer. I love to sing. I'm 5'8" I have blue ish green eyes that change color and I have brown hair. My favorite memeber of 5seconds of summer is luke hemmings. I live with my best friend Emily whom is 18 with blueish eyes and brown hair and her boyfriend Sean. Today me and Emily are going to see 5 seconds of summer we are leaving Sean at the house she won't me happy

Mables POV

I can't believe me and my best friend are going to see 5SOS TODAY I'm literally so happy I spent all day yesterday I'm going to wear blue skinney jeans a "I love luke hemmings" top blue vans and Emily well gosh knows what she's wearing she's still sleeping with Sean maybe I should wake them they spend tooooooo much time together. I'm so evil.

Emily's POV

Sleep is lovely sleep is good I like sleep and Sean is warm. Then I feel cold and wet I look up to see mable holding and empty Bucket

"Mable you better run" I say and she screams and runs off I chase her into the kitchen I hear my boyfriends laughter in the background

"I was sleeping what was that for" she smirks "today is when we see 5sos and it's 11am you were sleeping and I decided to wake you" I smile I can't stay mad at her "next time make it less cold and wet now make us all breakfast I want like 60 waffles" I laugh at her love for waffles and make them "em we need to get ready in an hour Nd go to the arena " she suddenly Remembers what today is and eats her breakfast and goes go shower and ces out wearing black skinneys and a "I love Aston Irwin " shirt and Sean sees what she's wearing "I thought you loved me" she hugs him "I do" then we leave

Emily's POV

I can't BELEIEVE I'm seeing 5sosbwith my best friend ever Im thinking of setting her up with Luke because little does she know I'm friends with him and I have backstage passes whoop point for me we get there and get in line mables like flipping "mable calm down " "I can't because cats " I laugh at my friend as the line starts moving little does she know I have front row tickets I'm such a nice friend we finally are getting close

Mables POV

ADLJSHAKAAKDK the lines moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In less then 2 hours I'm seeing my husband eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Emily keeps telling me to calm down but idgaf I want to see lukeyyyyy

Finally we are next

"Tickets please girls " Emily hands him the tickets and he says "section A row 1 seats 4 and 5 enjoy the concert" I realize that's front row when we get in I scream "EMILY YOU GOT US FRONT TOW TICKETS I FUCKING LOVE YOU" and I like pounce and hug her and she hugs me back and we go into our seats Emily says "let's take a selfie and Instagram it" so we do and then we talk "so mable you ready" "ready as ill ever be " then we talk for some more and more people come in then the lights go dim, 4 beautiful boys walk on stage to their positions I start crying.

This is for my lovely friend :) -Em

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