Chapter 2

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Kylie's POV

I turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes. There he was. Louis was standing right there. I didn't know what to do. Should I hug him? I hadn't seen him for almost a year! I didn't think he'd remember me. He obviously saw that I wasn't moving so he started towards me.

Louis' POV

she just sat there. I was hoping for more of a reaction than that. I walked forward hoping that she would say something. I was finally in front of her. I took her hand in mine and kissed the top softly. If only she knew how I felt about her. How much I missed her when I was gone. But I knew she would never feel the same way about me and it hurt. At least we had this amazing friendship.

She jumped up and tackled me in one of the biggest hugs I've ever gotten.

"Lou I'm so proud of you" she whispered in my ear, still hugging.

So she knew about my band? Well I guess everyone did. At least every girl out there. I'm all over the media and in tons of fans hearts but I still can't get Kylie out of my head. She's special you know. Whenever I see her my heart races. I wish I could stare into those beautiful hazel eyes of hers all day. She's just so unbelievably gorgeous. But, she doesn't think so.

"Lou?" She said

I must of been staring because she gave me a look

"Are you okay?" She asked. A hint of worry in her voice.

"Yes love I'm fine. How has everything been? I've missed you like crazy." My heart fluttered as I said those words. Was that too straight forwards? What if she didn't miss me at all?

"I think of you everyday." Her face lit up with the biggest smile as those words rolled off her tongue. She took a piece of her perfectly messy brown hair and tucked it behind her ear as she looked at the ground.


I hope you guys are enjoying my first first book!


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