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*Alice's POV

Me and Lucy decided to invite our dearest friend Bohemia over. Seeing that we havent talked in ages. Me and her really get along well more than her and Lucy. See Lucy is a party girl as for me I just like to sit at home and read. When she gets here Anton opens the door.

"Hello" he waves at Bohemia just staring at her like he's in a trance of a sort.

"Earth to Anton" Lucy says as I say the same to Bohemia as they snap out of it

"Ok?" I say in a question as she enters the house.

"So why did you invite me over?" she asked her piercing ocean blue eyes staring at us. Bohemia is one in a million. Why? Because she has brown curly hair and hazlenut or a little darker skin color and as I said her blue eyes that pierce a stare at you.

*Anton's POV

As soon as I saw this girl walk in I knew she had to be the one. As the girls went to go talk I couldnt stop thinking about her. The way shes the perfect curvy, her hair, her eyes, her scent, her.

"Anton has a crush" Porter teased as Hugo laughed and I pushed him down

°Bohemia's POV

He looked amazing his eyes were so silvery yet so blue like the sky on a winters day. Perfect. His accent! He's so foreign! I think i'm falling for him!

"Bohemia likes Anton" the girls sing sang as I hit them with pillows as I blushed

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