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Thank you @UnbrokenLolita for the cover of my dreams! 

Hey Guys!

I'm so truly excited for this story, the last book in The Bad Boy's Girl series and Colessa's closing chapter. I'm so grateful for your love and support for the past four years that I've been working on this series and I cannot wait for us to start on this journey together (cheesy as this sounds). 


*The cover and synopsis are tentative, especially the synopsis. I may shift things around a little but as you can see this book is about Cole and Tessa outside of college and it'll be so fun to tackle all new things with these two.*

NOTE: If you're someone who has read the published Spanish or Italian edition of my books, please don't read this book yet as it will be a HUGE spoiler. I would highly recommend waiting for book 3 to release in your own language as the Wattpad versions of my books are in a different chapter order than the published versions. 


Tessa O'Connell is a girl with an unbreakable spirit and a strength that will get her through anything. Her goal for her first year as a college graduate is to be fearless and make the best of all the opportunities that come her way. That includes adjusting to her life in New York all alone and a brand new job, all whilst missing her boyfriend as he gets through law school. But with Cole's unwavering love on her side, she's ready to conquer the world and build a life together with the man she's going to marry, even if sometimes she's got to do it all by herself. The insecurities and fears that plagued their relationship have now evolved into a love so strong, it can weather anything-even a long distance relationship. After five wonderful years together, there's nothing that's going to get in the way of their happily ever or is there? On their own for the first time in a long time, Cole and Tessa struggle to make sense of their changed reality which threatens to pull the two away from each other. The one thing they know is that they're meant to be and they'll do whatever it takes to stay together, despite the curveballs thrown their way. With old friends and new, one crazy Nana, stepbrothers and former best friends making a comeback, Cole and Tessa are ready to make the transition into their real life as a couple and this is the story of how two people fight the odds to create their forever.

Warning: This story comes with a delectable Cole Stone as you've never seen him before. Suited up, a lawyer in the making, still a little reckless at heart and rough around the edges, he's the bad boy you fell in love with but ageing like the finest wine all the more in love with his Shortcake. 


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The first chapter will be up as soon as I can possibly write it. (Gotta love school)

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