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Images flash through my mind,

The night sky filled with kind smiles,

 Moon light reflecting off the beach waters.

Sounds of the waves raging

 The slow movement of the trees swaying

Looking up at the twinkling stars,

 Head tilted back.

 Nose wide, Ears Open, Eyes Bright

 Waiting ...

For something to inspire these fingers to move

 To a beat, a rhythm in the end

 Creating something beautiful

Where will it come from?

The lyrics of the song I hum.

 Or a dreamed about love?

Will it come from deep within my soul or

The feelings I already know?

 Can I reach to the depths where all my secrets and

 Private thoughts are kept?

Will I speak about the state that ravages

 My mind everyday?

 Or the hate felt in my heart, the tears cry?

 The many times I wanted to say goodbye?

 Is it possible for me to reach so deep

 Pull it up and let the whole world hear

 My true story?

 Or will I leave it there to rot, mold?

Again I ask,

 Where will it come from?

 What will inspire these fingers and this pen to dance?

 Will it come from deep within my soul or the feelings the world already knows?

 The night sky glows,

My heartbeat is heard.

Senses intact.

 Images flash through my mind,

I let the past be my guide; it leads me to a light

 I found my inspiration,

 In the depths of my soul

 Where millions of stories are untold, the ones know one knows.

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