Chapter 17 ~ Outside ~

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Chapter 17 ~ Outside ~

Another week passed. Now it was only a few days before Christmas. Adelaide, Master Carthwrite, and I decorated a fake Christmas tree. It reminded me of when my Mother and I would decorate our tree together. Memories of her laugh were suddenly broken by Adelaide's soft laugh.

Looking up, I saw Master Carthwrite tangled in garland.

“See, this is why I don't put up a Christmas tree.” I held back a smile as Adelaide pulled the garland from around his torso and over his head.

“Darling, it doesn't work if you try to untangle it and tangle yourself in it at the same time.” Adelaide laughed while Master Carthwrite huffed at her and glared at me. “Oh my, time for us to go Michael. Brandy, are you sure you won't join us?” I shook my head. The last thing I wanted was to go Christmas shopping with Master Carthwrite and his Mother.

“No, I have some stuff here that I need to do, but you guys have a good time.” I waved them off and let out a sigh of relief when they were gone. Placing my hand on my branding mark, I took a deep breath. I felt like I could breathe again. Having both of them in one room was practically suffocating.

Venturing out of the 'Living Room', I had never been in before, I walked to the kitchen. It was completely empty.

“That's right.” I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand. Gretta had mentioned that she would be going with them to get groceries. Mr. Crowley and Meena were gone as well, meaning the only people left in the building were the guards. Patrica was always gone on Saturday's as it was one of her, only two, days off.

I ate a sandwich for lunch before wondering around the mansion. Finding myself standing before the spiral staircase, I studied the railing before smiling mischievously. Climbing onto the rail, I laughed out loud as I slid down till I fell to the floor. My body hit the marble with a loud thump, but I was laughing too hard to notice the aching in my bones.

The sound of shoes squeaking had me rushing to my feet. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw it was Dustin and Martin.

“You aren't mad at us, are you?” Dustin asked cautiously. I frowned at their downhearted faces.

“No, not at you guys specifically.” I answered honestly. Their faces lit up and they smiled down at me.

“Want to go play outside with us?” My eyes widened.

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