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Before any of you continue, yes this is certainly impossible. There is no such thing as a disease called "Miresa" that you can turn yourself invisible. Therefore this is fan fiction, and none of this is actually real. It would be pretty cool if it was, but really it's not. So please don't comment saying how "stupid" this is or  how "fake" it is, when I just said I know how fake it is. This can't happen, nor will it ever happen.

Therefore this is all fake, and it is not real. Continue reading my loves x


Elena's soft brown eyes trailed over different book covers. Her fingers would smooth out the crumpled pages, as some had coffee stains, and others were clean and new. Her small figure was swiftly moving throughout the aisles. Teenagers would be in a group, throwing crumpled up papers at each other, just to cease the time. As others would have ear buds inside their ears, as their pupils dilated at every word in their interesting novel upon them.

Yet Elena only came here for one reason only.

No, she wasn't very much interested in books, and she didn't stuff in her face in various forms of writing.

But one special person did.

There she stood, her mind wandering in boredom, as soon she found those loose curls of brown, and captivating glowing green eyes. His black ripped skinny jeans outlined his legs, as he had on a loose plaid shirt that was half buttoned. Elena could feel the sweat forming throughout, as her pace of breathing was becoming quicker.

As he could feel her and sense her presence, Harry would look to the side across the aisle, and found absolutely nothing. But it was funny, he could've of sworn someone was there. It possibly could have been a girl, but he brushed it off as nothing.

On the other half side, was Elena, as she flashed herself with invisible measures. As she was once there, but now used a technique she despised. Elena turned herself invisible, just so the captivating man wouldn't catch her eye.


Elena Raye really couldn't contain her teenage heart, when she notices a guy named Harry at the local library everyday. With a simple thought and a simple saying, she can work herself into turning invisible, from her born disease known as Miresa. With such a crush on him, Harry is too oblivious to notice such a girl gazing at him. But to only see nothing there. When really, she's specifically right there.

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