You Get Hurt

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Steve Rogers/Captain America:

You were coming down the stairs and Steve was waiting on the couch. You were just about to go out to see an old movie, one from his time. He nearly had a heart attack though when he heard multiple thuds and you crying. He immediately raced over to you, worry written all over his face.

"What happened, soldier?" He asked gently as he gave you a hug. "Did you fall?"

You nodded, your bottom lip quivering. "Don't worry, (y/n). Everybody does it," he assured you. "Still want to see the movie?"

You nodded again, a small smile replacing the tearful face. "Can we?"

"Of course. Come on," Steve said as he picked you up and walked out.

Tony Stark/Ironman:

Tony Stark wasn't surprised when he received a call from the school. It wasn't that you were a bad kid. Far from it. He just knew that one day, he would get a call because it was what kids do. They make mistakes and hopefully learn from it. Reflecting back on the 'mistakes' he had, he hoped you weren't like him.

He and Pepper entered the office together and he was a little lost for words when he saw that you had a satisfied smirk on your face, a split bottom lip and a bruise on your cheek. He instantly knew what had happened and smiled a little until Pepper elbowed him.

"What happened?" Pepper demanded.

The principal spoke up. "She started a fight," was all he said.

"Did you win?" Tony asked excitedly.

"Of course, I did. Who's kid do you think I am? A Stark never loses," you said smugly.

"Tony!" Pepper said sharply.

"Oh, right. Uh, don't ever do that again!" He chastised sternly but you could still see the slight smile that he was unable to hide.

"Your daughter is suspended for a week," the principal sighed before allowing you to leave.

Pepper looked at you as you all walked out. "You're grounded, young lady."

"It wasn't my fault he was begging to be hit," you muttered.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Tony stopped all of you. "He?"

"Yeah. He wouldn't leave me alone."

"That son of a-"

"Tony," Pepper warned.

"No more fighting," Tony corrected himself. "Unless they deserve it. If they do, kick their ass."


Seeing as your were the royal princess, Thor expected you to be well trained. He thought that he had helped you well, seeing as you were merely nine hears old. You wanted to be more prepared though so you asked Lady Sif to set up a time and day and she promised to do so.

True to her words, the next day, you and your opponent were in the training room together. It didn't help that your partner was your best friend.

"Want me to go easy on you?" He teased and you rolled your eyes.

"No way. I'm doing this to get better," you said.

With a reluctant look on his face, he swung at you halfheartedly and you ducked easily. He tried to hit you again and you stepped aside. As you both got more into, it intensified as the two of you became intent on winning. You kicked your leg out and tripped him. As you tried to pin him down, he rolled out from beneath you and accidentally slammed his elbow into your jaw. You didn't care. You guys fought for the whole day, taking breaks and talking. By the time you went to eat dinner with your dad, you had a purple bruise on your face.

"What has happened?" Thor demanded when he saw it. "Who has done this to my daughter?"

You laughed slightly. "I was just training and got hit on accident."

"Oh, I see. My apologies, Princess. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I know, Dad. I know."

Clint Barton/Hawkeye;

Clint didn't expect you to get hurt in such an amusing way. When he first saw you walking in in such pain, he was immediately angry and worried as he asked who did what to you and "who's ass should I kick?" When you explained that you had merely hit your ankle on the corner of the cabinets, Clint couldn't help but burst into laughter as you glared at him.

"You hit your ankle on the cabinet and we'll see who's laughing," you muttered, making him hug you tightly.

"You know I love you, (y/n)," he said with a chuckle.

Bruce Banner/Hulk:

Your father was a cautious man. He didn't like to take risks because of the whole 'green raging monster with anger issues' thing. He was mildly surprised that your first injury wasn't because of something he did. He just blamed himself for setting down something so dangerous within your reach.

You were in the lab with him, doing homework and you saw him set down a beaker with a blue liquid in it. Wanting to look at it, you walked over without him noticing and tried to reach for it. You were too small, something Bruce liked because you wouldn't be able to grab such dangerous things.

You stood on your toes as your fingers brushed the bottle before you knocked it over. It shattered across the ground and you screamed as the blue liquid burned your foot. Bruce whirled around, taking in the scene before he whisked you out of there.

He mumbled to you about how he told you not to mess around in his lab as he wrapped up your foot. When he was done, he gave you a kiss on your forehead.

"Let's watch a movie, huh?" He offered to take your mind off of the incident.

You nodded as he carried you to the couch and put in your favorite movie, The Corpse Bride.

"Just be careful, sweetie," Bruce reminded you. "I love you too much to lose you."

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:

Natasha was seated at the kitchen with Clint as they talked about their latest mission when you walked in, slamming the door behind you. This startled the two assassins and they looked at you as you stormed past them without a word. They exchanged a glance as Natasha approached you.

"What's wrong, Angel?" She asked you softly.

You refused to look up at her or answer her question. "Come on, Angel. You can tell me, you know," Natasha urged.

You broke down sobbing suddenly, stunning Natasha as you threw your arms around her. Your mother hugged you back gently, rubbing your back as she soothed you.

"Everything's fine, (y/n)," she assured you. "It's okay. Now what happened?"

"They beat me up," you muttered and you felt Natasha stiffen.

"Who?" She asked casually.

"Levi Hansen."

"Listen, Uncle Clint is gonna watch you for now, okay? And I'll be right back."

Clint walked over and lifted you up, tossing you onto his back. You giggled as he decided to make cookies and let you help, tossing flour at you every once in a while before you cracked an egg on his head and started a war. The bully was long forgotten until Monday when he came up to you, blubbering like a baby, apologized and never bothered you again.

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