Chapter 14 ~ Enough ~

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Chapter 14 ~ Enough ~

I stared at his hand before grabbing it to pull myself up. Wracking my brain, I tried to remember who the light brownish red haired, hazel eyed, guy was.

“You're...?” He grinned.

“Russ. I think my mom named me after my hair color.” He motioned to his hair that flopped over his hazel eyes.

“I don't remember what my parents named me.” I muttered.

“But I thought your name was 'Brandy'?” Russ scratched the back of his head, confused.

“It is now. Master Carthwrite named me. Hey, that reminds me, did Master Carthwrite tell you guys to stay away from me?” Russ shielded his eyes with his hair and nodded with a frown on his face.

“I didn't even get to talk to you much.” He complained like a child. I let out a laugh and rolled my eyes.

“We're talking now.” Stating the obvious, he chuckled and shook his head.

“We don't want to get you in trouble though.”

“He never told me I had to stay away from you.” Russ saw the smirk appear on my face and shook his head.

“Still, then you'll get in trouble.”

“I don't care. I've been beaten enough, I can s-”

“Exactly!” He cut me off. “You've been beaten enough. We don't want you hurt on our account.” I looked away from his eyes.

“Don't you dare make that face at me!” Puppy eyes on him... No, I wasn't gonna think that.

“Just promise me you'll try not to get yourself into trouble. I don't think Henry or Trent or any of us would be able to cope if you got hurt again.” Clenching my teeth, I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Does it look like I try to get punished for doing something?!” I yelled angrily.

“Calm down or someone will h-”

“Who's down there?!” Both our eyes widened with shock. Russ was the first person to break out of his frozen state and grabbed my hand, dragging my towards the guards' rooms. I could hear Master Carthwrite's rushing steps down the stairs.

“Here,” Russ whispered, shoving me into someone's room. “Hide her!” He whisper-yelled before shutting the door. I looked around, but only saw someone rising from under the covers of a bed.

“What happened?” Parker's voice stunned me, but I heard footsteps outside the door. Running to the bed, I fell to the floor and rolled under it just before the door opened.

“What were you just doing?” The cold tone in Master Carthwrite's voice had me shivering.

“Sleeping.” Parker's groggy voice was evident that he was telling the truth.

“Did you hear anything?” Master Carthwrite asked, not completely convinced.

“No, Master, I was sleeping.” I could hear Parker let out an exaggerated yawn.

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