Thanks for the Memories

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Okay so I didn't put a ton of songs like I'd hoped, I had to speed write this one before work, but the challenge still stands-- tell me how many song references I used, what the song names are, and who they are by, and a small prize shall be gifted by yours truly! Happy reading.. or not ;) 

"Clementine, I just want to get out of here," I said, not for the first time. "Does that make me crazy?"

My frustration was starting to go through the roof. Clementine saw the flaws in each of my plans, it was like almost like she didn't want to leave. I scoffed to myself, because as persistent as she was to not use my half baked plans, she really did want for us to break out of here. I closed my eyes, tiredly. We'll make the great escape, my inner voice promised.

There was a sigh from the other room, and I wondered not for the first time, where she was kept before yesterday. There wasn't any possible reason that I could hear her sighing now, and she couldn't have heard my screams a few weeks ago. I almost didn't want to know where they'd kept her, or what they'd done to her.

"Sang, we're not going to break the window and slice up your wrists." Her tone was granite. "That's not how we're going to get out of here. You could die, hell, your baby could die."

I clenched my jaw. Did she not think I hadn't considered my child's life?

"Do you have a better idea?" my frustration was bleeding out, and leaking into my voice.

"Yes, actually I.. Sang shut up and get back in bed, they're coming."

My heart clenched and I sat up from where I'd been with my back to the door, "Have you seen their faces Clementine? What do they look like?"

"Sang! Now! We're not supposed to talk, dammit!"

Scrambling from the floor, I barely made it to the bed without tripping. Some time last night I had mentally called the bed mine, which bad been the last straw. I'd decided to let Clementine in on my idiotic plan, which was what had lead to us sparing back and forth with the flaws in my plans.

I barely made it to my bed before I heard voices. One of them was the boy's voice, and the other was computerized. I'd yet to actually see Socio, and I wasn't exactly wanting to today, either. There was a shout outside the door, and I almost moved to cover my ears. But just before my hands could do just that, I lowered them. As my hands clenched in my lap to keep from moving, I strained my ears to listen.

"..talking to her!" Clementine ways saying.

"I'm sure." The Psycho replied, her mechanical voice revealing nothing of how she was feeling. "Subdue her."

It took me as long as it took Socio to listen to Psycho, to understand what she was asking of him. There was the sick sound of flesh on flesh as Socio likely hit Clementine, and then silence. I head my breath.

My doorknob began to rattle, and I again wondered why taking apart the bed and using the support frame as a weapon was a bad idea. Of course I knew why, as Clementine had pointed out, I was due any day now, and taking apart a bed by force could induce a labor that I was fighting to keep at bay.

The doorknob turned, and I flinched away from it, closing my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I wasn't in my prison anymore..

I tried to get off of my bed, but my body didn't allow it. It was as if I was just witnessing what was going on. My eyes took in the room, and I glanced down. The bed was mine, truly mine. Covered in a green comforter that I knew covered hot pink sheets.

Something about it was off though. The room wasn't mind. I wasn't safe. The doorknob rattled for a split second before swinging open, and the door slammed against the wall. The figure that stood in the frame of the door was blurry, fuzzy, like I needed glasses, but only to look at this one person.

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