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Adelaine Moore was very well known. She was a sight to see, from her dark flowing locks to her smooth long tan legs. Not only does she have the looks, she has the purest heart. Helping others and making sure they were taken cared for was a real passion of hers.

Eyes was always on her, even if it was a glimpse. Many males has tried to make a move on her, but with Paul Lahote standing behind her, intimidating them, it never worked out. Paul Lahote grew up with Adelaine, he knew he felt something for her ever since he met her at the age of 3. There was a sad side to that though, because Adelaine was too oblivious to everything; always focusing on her studies rather than the loving glances that Paul would throw at her. Even though that was blocking Paul from getting the girl, he always stayed by her side, not letting go of her.

The days leading up to Paul's transformation, Adelaine got an offer from an organization that helps out third world countries.

With her parents, Adam and Maria, standing behind her, ready to comfort her for the worst, Adelaine shakingly opens the white envelope. She reads the first few lines of the letter, but quickly glances back to make sure she was reading correctly.

"Honey, what does it say?"Maria asked in a low tone. "I...I'm going to Mexico!"She stutters but realizing what she said, she jumps towards her parents hugging them. "I am so proud of you, baby girl."Adam kisses the top of her head.

"I can't wait to tell Paul." Adelaine rushes upstairs to her room, going straight to her phone. She presses the contact, bouncing on her bed, waiting for him to pick up. As soon as she hears the beep, she screams into the phone, not wasting anytime to tell the big news, "Paul! Guess what I just got in the mail?!" "Good morning to you too Addy."Paul chuckles from the other line. "I got the letter from the organization I reached to and they mailed me back saying they would love me to come out to Mexico."Hering her ramble on about her trip coming up, made Paul smile, imagining Adelaine jumping on her bed.

"Oh Paul, I am so happy, I get to finally make a difference in this world...I just realised, I gotta pack. I'm leaving in three days." What Paul didn't expect, was how soon she was going to leave,"Call me back as soon as you finish." "Okay, I will, love you, bye," but before Paul could say anything back, the line went dead. 

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