Him and Her

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John's POV

I wake up with this beautiful soul beside me. Not a singke flaw on her pricless face... Just unimaginal beauty.

She rolls over twords me and says,"Morning John," with a sweet smile.

"Good morning lovley," I say staring deeply into her brown eyes.

I get out of bed and put my glasses on . "What would you like for breakfast," I ask her and she begins to get out of bed.

" I dont know... Do you have Cheerios?" I nod and walk iver to the door with her not far behind.

I swing it open and say,"Ladies first." She exits my room and throws a dirty sock in my hair.

I pull it out of my hair and she smiles and runs down the long hall way.

I begin to chase after her and she sqeeles . I run faster and I catch up to her. I grab her by the arm and she trips me.

I pull her to the floor with me and she falls ontop of me.

We start laughing and she turns over so our noses are touching.

I put my hands in her short brown hair and out lips crash together.

For the split second that our lips were together, I felt like we were ment to be.

She moves her lips from mine and smiles. "Ok," she says bashfuly as she gets off of me.

When Skyler stands up, she reaches a hand down to me to help me up.

I grab onto it and she pulls me to my feet. I begin to walk down the stairs beside her and it was a really accword silence.

"Well that was fun," I say lookingcar her with a smile.

"Ya, it was," she say noding with a smile showing her perfect teeth.

We reach the bottom of the stairs and I walk over to the cubbers as she sits at on of the stools placed at the table.

I pull out a box of Cheerios , 2 bowls and 2 spoons. I place it on the table and she says, "What about the milk ,John?"

I slap my forehead and walk over to the fridge. Skyler giggles and butterflies sore thru my stomach.

I grab the jug of milk and throw it to Skyler.

She catches it and the forse of the weight of the milk sends her flying off her stool.

"Oh my god Skyler," I say running over to her laughing . I reach my hand down to Skyler's laughing body.

"Im sorry," I say thru laughs as I reach for her hand. I hold it tight and pull her up.

She slowly stops laughing and says,"that was funny.... Dude I love you."

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