Chapter 1

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"So, Ponds, what are we going to be doing today?" The Doctor asked with a childish grin spread across his face. He walked around the consul and pushed buttons, flipped switches and pulled levers.

"I, for one, still want to see the Titanic," Amy said, sitting on the jump seat near the consul.

"No, past me was there, not only on the Earth one but on the space one too. That wouldn't be a good idea," The Doctor repeated his answer from the last time Amy suggested the Titanic. "Too Paradox-y."

"I still don't believe that there's a space Titanic," Rory stated.

"Out of all of the things we do, you choose not to believe in the space Titanic?" Amy chuckled.

"Who would name a ship after the Titanic?"

"The Titanic is famous!"

"For crashing," Rory retorted.

"That's why they named it the Titanic," The Doctor stated. After the two companions looked at him confusedly he continued on, "The person who ran the ship planned on crashing it into the palace, lucky them I stopped it. Just in time too, we had almost reached their destination. Met a fellow named Allonso too. Great guy, I wonder how Jack and him held up," He thought aloud.

"Okay...well, we could always go to Rome," Rory suggested.

"Huh?" The Doctor questioned, looking around the giant consul to see Rory.

"You asked where we should go, I'd like to go to Rome."

"Of course the Roman would like to go to Rome," The Doctor teased. "Does the Mrs. have any objections?"

"Wasn't past Rory there?" Amy questioned.

"In the other time line, yes. Here, Rory the Roman was never even a myth," The Doctor responded.

Amy pouted a bit and gave a little 'humph' as she leaned back in her seat, muttering something about how Rory's idea got chosen over hers.

"Off to Ancient Rome we go!" The Doctor exclaimed, pulling the last required lever, smiling impossibly wider as the sound of the engines 'whirred' and filled the box. He ran to the door when they landed and threw it open. "Hello Romans!"

On the outside of the TARDIS there were multiple soldiers surrounding it, pointing their swords at it. "Goodbye Romans!" He exclaimed and ran back to the consul after shutting the door.

"What was that about?" Amy asked, standing up from her seat.

"Sharp swords, never a good thing. We'll have to land at a later time period, hopefully farther away from soldiers this time," He answered.

This time, when the TARDIS landed, the Doctor approached the door more cautiously, armed with his sonic screwdriver. He peeked out of the door and sighed once he saw they were in a forest. "It's safe to come out Ponds!" He called, and the two companions exited the Time Machine with him.

"How far away from society are we?" Amy questioned.

"A good hagedtrop away, we'll have to walk for a while," The Doctor answered.

"What's a hagedtrop? Rory asked quietly, hoping his wife would know.

"No idea."


"Hello Romans!" The Doctor exclaimed loudly once they reached the town.

"That is how long a hagedtrop is," Amy answered Rory's former question, annoyed at the long journey that they had been forced to take.

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