I'm Just Your Problem (boyxboy Adventure Time fanfic)

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**Warning: This is a boyxboy, meaning boy on boy action. If this disgusts you or makes you uncomfortable please don't read it and don't comment bad things. Just don't read it. Okay? Okay. Thank you.**

**Marshall Lee's POV**

The Prince turned away from me. It was clear he didn't care for me anymore, clear he didn't mind me anymore. Meanwhile Marco the Beheader smiled evilly and hefted his axe. I wish I had my axe bass, I'd cut his head off first.

Wait, wait, wait. I'm going too fast here. There's a reason for this story, and I'll tell you. But first I gotta do the formal intros.

Hi. I'm Marshall Lee, and I live in the land of Aaa. The guy in the beginning of this story is Prince Gumball. He rules the Candy Kingdom, while I rule over vampires. I'm Marshall Lee the Vampire King.

But Prince Gumball is pink. Pink skin, pink hair, pink clothes for flub's sakes! Yes, he is indeed gay, like me. Of course he'd never admit it to his little loyal subjects. They worship the ground he walks on and the toilet he poops in.

I guess I better explain the other people in this story. There's Fionna, my best girlfriend and an adventurer. Her cat Cake, who's afraid of me and can shape shift. Freaking lucky. The Ice Queen, who's got this thing about princes. She's always trying to take Prince Gumball away.

That's about it. Most of the other people don't speak or are afraid of me. I basically only hang out with Fi and Cake. They kick it with me until they have to go off and save someone. The rest of the time I go and annoy Gumball.

Gumball and me have a history. We've fooled around a little in the past, back when we were younger. You know, when he was like 14 and I was like 996. Haha, 1,000 years old suckers!

And that thing about an axe bass? Yeah, it's true. I turned my family's heirloom battle axe into a bass. Fionna sings really well, and we jam together sometimes.

You know, I might as well get on with the story. You're gonna need to sit down for this. It's me and Gumball, at it again.


"Hey Bonnibello!" I smirk as Prince Gumball's face turns pinker than it already is.

"Go away, Marshall Lee. I'm busy trying to run my kingdom," he sighs. Shouldn't he know by now that I don't listen to him?

I giggle and move in closer, blowing across his face gently. "Aw, but I'm having fun, Gumball. Aren't you?" I bat my lashes all girly-like and just about die of laughter inside.

Gumball turns absolutely crimson. He's flustered, I can tell. But he's hiding it well. Can't have that now can we?

"Come on, Gumball. Let's have fun," I whisper in his ear. When his eyes fly open I float back and break out the hilarity. Gumball tries to control his blushing but sorry sonny, it ain't workin'.

He turns away and I frown. Grr. How can he be immune to my amazing powers of hotness? He can't. Just...ignoring me? Waah!

I pout and grab my iPod. I float to Gumball's iHome and plug it in. Now, what song will really trip him up? I scroll through my songs until the perfect one jumps out. Heheh, this'll really make him stop ignoring me.

"I smell sex and candy!"

Gumball's head snaps up and he turns to glare at me. "Marshall Lee, stop that song. It's too distasteful." I roll my eyes. Distasteful? Nuu.

So instead of turning off the song, I crank it up and start singing along.

Gumball slams down the book he was reading and stalks over to me. His ridiculously green eyes are steely, but I hide the twinge of hurt I feel at seeing that.

He stomps to his iHome and tears out my iPod, throwing it to me. I gape at him. This isn't like Gumball, something's wrong.

I float over to him and look him in the eye. Darn him for being so much taller than me that I have to float higher to look him in the eye.

I move closer until my pale blue nose touches his pink one. "What's wrong, babe? Come on, tell Marshy."

What Gumball does next surprises me.

He shoves me back on my butt and turns away. "Gumball...?" I tentatively ask. His voice is hard with only a smidge of hurt when he next speaks.

"Stop this, Marshall Lee. Stop it all. We can't fool around anymore, we're too old. We're not compatible anymore. I have a reputation to uphold, Marshall Lee, and I can't keep doing this with you."

A repuation?! A reputation my butt! He's only a prince! We don't even....we never even....we just fool around! I fool around! He just pushes me away. And what's he suggesting, that I'm not good enough for him? Or that I'm a boy so it can't work? Who cares about any of that stuff?!

I'll show him. I'll show him that it will work and I'll make it work and he'll make it work with me.

I stand up, not floating, and grab his shoulder. Before he can tell me to buzz off, I twirl him around to face me and I kiss those pink, pink lips.

Author's Note:

Okay, I had to write it. The idea came to me and I just had to put it down. Is it okay? Does anyone like it? If you like it vote or comment. Show Marshall Lee and Gumball some love!

I have this whole plot laid out in my head. I really love the idea, and I hope yall do too. Do ya?

Vote/comment/fan!!! xoxo <333

~Sunny =D

(BTW, Adventure Time is NOT MINE. It belongs to the people who made it. THIS IS JUST A FANFICTION!!)

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