~ Chapter One ~

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Ellis Cinder's POV

It was the first day back to Fairytale High and I, Ellis Cinder, couldn't be anymore excited. Escaping this prison that I lived in and going to school is a vacation. Fairytale High is one of high schools in Fairyland City, and luckily my step brother and step sister go to a different school so I don't have to deal with them outside of the house. I got up early today, two and a half hours before school starts, just to make sure I looked my best for the first day of junior year.

I was trying to get all done up to try and get a senior's attention, Luke Charming. He is so handsome it hurts just looking at him, you know? When that speical someone catches your attetion as soon as he walks into the room it makes butterflies start jumping in the pit of your stomach. And when he makes eye contact with you, UGHH, don't get me started.

My phone started to play my best friend's ringtone, a verse from a Christina Aguilera song, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fliest bitch of them all? Never mind I am" I went to the phone sitting on my desk and I smiled at the ringtone he set for himself.

"Hey Snow," I said, putting the phone on speaker so I could finish getting ready.

"Hey bitch, are you ready?" Eirwyn Snow asked, "I'll be at your house in five."

"Wait what?" I asked, looking at the clock. Time has gone by so fast, "uh, yeah. I'm almost ready. Just have to put finishing touches on my outfit," I said, grabbing a long silver necklace out of the desk drawer. It was long enough to go down to the middle of my chest, and it has a glass slipper on it. It went great with my outfit.

"You're so gay it makes me look straight," Snow said. "Ha, just kidding!"

"Yeah I was about to say that you were on something if you thought that was true," I chuckled. Sometimes I'm honestly jealous of Eirwyn, minus his name. Although, his name has something beautiful behind it, and it's ironic because the meaning is also his last name. The meaning for Eirwyn is white as snow. Which is what he is. His skin was white as snow, and his hair was as black as a ravens wing. And don't forgot those lips of his. His lips are as red as a rose, and I am in love with them. Well, in a best friend kind of way.

"Anyway, I'm almost there so I'll let you go," Snow said, making kiss noises before hanging up. I frowned as, once again, I was in silence. Not for long though.

"CINDERELLIS GET DOWN HERE!" My step brother yelled. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs.

"You know, you're saying my name wrong. It's Ellis Cinder, not the other way around. What do you want?"

"Don't sass me." Demetrius Feo said, giving me an evil look. "Get me a bowl of cereal."

"Can't you get your own?" I asked, but got it anyway because I knew what would come if I didn't.

"You sure do look fine today, Cinderellis. Who you trying to impress at your gay school?" Alexandra Feo, my step sister, asked.

"I'm not trying to impress anyone. I just have clothes on." I groaned, rolling my eyes. I really didn't want to get into something with these step losers before my first day, it would set the day off bad. There was a hunk from outside and I placed a bowl in front of Demetrius. "Well, gotta go."

"Have fun at your fag school," Demetrius said under his breath but loud enough for me to hear. I decided just to ignore it.

I walked outside to see Eirwyn's navy chevy impala pulling up onto the curve with another firgure in the back, and I knew exactly who that was and what he was doing. I got into the front seat and smiled at my best friend and looked back to the sleeping boy, "I see you picked Rosey up before me."

"Of course, why wouldn't I? He lives like a block away from me," Snow said, smiling as he looked behind the vechele to see if it was alright to pull out. Bryer Rose was another person in the group of friends, but Bryer was always sleeping, and whenever he was awake he'd be really sassy because he was tired. When he first moved to Fairyland City, the teachers would always try to wake him up during lectures but nothing would ever work, but he always seems to be able to get really good grades, so they just let him be. At least he doesn't snore. "You look nice."

"Thanks, you do too. I love the shoulderpads," I said, smiling. Eirwyn designs his own clothes, and today he was modeling his newest colletion. He had gold shiny pants, he could be able to tell you what fabric it is but I couldn't, and then a tight-fit blue top with red and gold shoulderpads. I saw the designs for this and I loved it, and now that I see it on him it's 110% better.

"Omg thanks! I wasn't sure how much I would love it but they really complement my firgure," he said, smirking towards me. I just chuckled and rolled my eyes. He has a 'boy toy', as he puts it, but in reality they're dating, but he just doesn't want to admit it. He likes the fact that he can tease other men and not be held down by a title. Speaking of, he's the last stop.

Eirwyn hunked his horn and we both starred at the door before the very handsome Chad Kiss stepped out. I'm not usually fond of long haired boys, but let me tell you. He is one gorgeous human being. I won't ever tell Snow this, but whenever I see Chad his eyes always seem to linger when he's looking at me. Also, even though I'm pretty sure Eirwyn notices, his bulge is ALWAYS bigger than most of the guys at our school. Either all the other guys have smaller mumbers or he has a huge one, and let me just say that I know me and Eirwyn aren't that small; I know because he's my best friend. We share everything, duh.

Snow pointed to behind him and Chad walked around the car, hopping in the back behind him. "Hey there White, Blue." Chad said.

Both me and Eirwyn waved with the hand that was visible from the opening of the seats, without looking back. Chad gave us all nicknames that don't really stick with anyone else, so it's fine I guess. But I'm Blue because I wear a lot of blue, and Eirwyn is White because you know, snow.

We pulled into the school's parking lot and Eirwyn claimed his parking spot that he picked out last year. The gorgeous Luke Charming walked up to the car and opened my door for me, which caused Snow to chuckle. "Guess who's making the first move."

"Oh shut up, he's just being nice," I said, rolling my eyes and getting out. "Thank you Luke."

"No problem. Should I wake sleeping beauty up?" Luke asked, but another guy walked up before he could.

"No no, I got it." He said, opening the door and leaning in, kissing Bryer on the neck. Bryer giggled a little and opened his eyes, looking into his boyfriends eyes. "Hey there."

"Hi," Rose said, kissing him before accepting his help getting out. Phillip Royal, the second most charming person I know. Bryer's boyfriend.

"Well... Might as well get our first day over with," Luke said, grinning at me. He had such a gorgeous smile...

Hey guys, this is my new Disney book; my second actually. My first is Twist, Disney stories with a gay twist. This is Once Upon Fairytale High, a book where all the Disney characters you know and love are LGBT+ teenagers in high school. This book will be different POV's. Obviously, this one was Ellis Cinder's. I hope you like it and I'll see you in the next chapter(:

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