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I was in shock. There she was interacting with Clementine as if this was all normal. An everyday sort of thing, but it wasn't and my heart lurched in my chest. I stepped towards her, but I was halted when North put an iron arm in front of me.

"Guys, this is Sang. Doctor Roberts is having her stay with us for a while."

I know what her name is, stupid. I thought to myself as I watched Sang brush a piece of hair behind her ear. I scanned my eyes over her form, and nearly pissed myself when I saw her belly. There was no possible way.. was there?

Clementine, as sweet as she was, decided to break the tension.

"Hi Sang, pretty name. I'm Clementine."

In that moment I'd never been so jealous of one person. Clementine leaned in and hugged Peanut. Of course Clementine knew about her, but in effort to move on we'd never told Clementine Sang's actual name. Not that I'd been able to really forget her. I had a whole stash of all of her girly movies in a case in my entertainment center in my room.

I watched them when I couldn't sleep.

Clementine's voice brought me back, none of the other guys had spoken. I was sure they were just as shocked and torn as I was. Did she remember us? No. She would have said something. She would have questioned Clementine- and how complicated it would be to tell her all that we'd done. All that had happened.

"Don't worry, you get used to the madness. How far along are you?"

How far along is she? What the hell kind of question is that? I couldn't figure out what she was referring to but when Sang smiled all questions faded away. She was so damn beautiful. How could we? How could we have let her go and just,.. went on with our lives?

"Uh," Sang started talking, and hell if I didn't want to run over and scoop her up in a hug, "as far as I know it's about seven months or so."

Next to me, North coughed and I could tell he'd gone rigid. Kota was whiter than sour cream. Seven months... that's how long... I glanced down at her belly and my slow as hell brain began to connect the dots. I felt my blood boil. How could doctor Roberts not have told us? Unless it wasn't ours.. I looked around at my brothers.

We hadn't actually talked about it, but I knew we had all been far enough to have caused this. I felt a slap of jealousy because I knew the baby Sang was carrying wasn't mine. The timing just didn't add up. And then I felt like a dick because here I am wondering which lucky bastard had done the deed, when she didn't even know our names.

This is all sorts of fucked, and I doubt it's going to get any better from this point on.


She's pregnant. From the size of her it was hard to tell how far along she was but I knew it was one of ours. My little Pookie was with child when we let her go, and that thought made me want to fall to my knees, and call up Doctor Roberts and rip him a new one. The rage I felt at the realization that he'd been keeping this from us the whole time... there were no words.

I watched as she walked over and sat down on the couch, grabbing her stomach thoughtlessly. The doctor part of me wanted to bring her and and get her all checked out, make sure she was in perfect condition and that there wasn't a single thing wrong with her or the baby... babies?

I swallowed hard. We'd need to tell her soon, and the introduction that North had made, made this impossible to do without any hurt feelings. Hell, we shouldn't have done it at all. I looked around to the boys, knowing this was taking a toll on their emotional wellbeings.

I ducked my head in shame. This was all a terrible idea.. but at the time we'd felt trapped, and our main concern had been to protect her.


I gripped my hands into fists and unclenched them, like a clock ticking down until I could get away and explode. Seeing her at that airport had shaken everything I'd been trying to tape back together after we'd let her go. It was fucked up- she lost her memory and we took advantage of that. Of course it was for her safety, any other reason would have been shit and I wouldn't have gone along with it.

I'd felt like an ass seeing her and staring, she'd thought it was because she was pregnant at such a young age- and she wasn't entirely wrong. As soon as Dr. Green is alone I'm going to have a few choice words with him, because I didn't agree to leaving her to raise a baby alone. I didn't even.... fuck. I glanced over at her as she smiled shyly at Clementine, it was so different from how she greeted me.

I wondered just how much waking up to nothing had affected her, obviously she'd hardened up, got a little mouthy... I smiled slightly, hoping if all else she'd at least be able to find a friend in Clementine if she couldn't forgive us for what we did. Clementine was the only one talking, which was probably due to the shock floating around the room.

I knew the others had their little things that they did to remember her- they didn't know I knew but I notice shit like that. I can't believe I didn't notice she was.. damn it. I shoved my hand in my pocket, where my phone was tucked away. I'd reread our conversations that we'd had through texting a million times, enough that I'd be able to recite it word for word and not have to pause and think.

And here she was, probably going to hate our fucking souls for shit we thought we had no choice in.


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