Esmeralda's Child

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Esmeralda was a woman of good faith, she went to church every Wednesday and Sunday and prayed multiple times a day on the daily. She had lived a sheltered life with a rich family and overprotective parents.

Despite Esmeralda's parent's best efforts, they couldn't shelter her from the truth, Esmeralda was an ugly ass bitch. Her parents offered to pay for plastic surgery, but Esmeralda declined, saying, "This is the way the Lord want me to look, I am perfect in his eyes."

When Esmeralda grew to be the age of 69, she wept. For ever since she was a little girl, all Esmeralda ever wanted was a family of her own, but as everyone she met loved to inform her she was just too damn ugly. No one wanted to fuck a bitch that ugly, not even old fat guys.

Esmeralda never questioned her faith in the Lord, and he saw this. So on Christmas morning he spoke unto her, "Esmeralda, you are one fugly ass hoe, and for that, I am sorry. You were a mistake. I was a little too fucked up the day you were made, but because of how devoted you are, I shall give you a child," and with that he left in a flash of bright light. When her eyes finally readjusted, she saw a beautiful baby girl.

On that same day, Esmeralda was walking down the street on her way to the market when a blind gypsy woman stumbled to her, gripping her by her shirt, "Beware, for one day if you are not careful, you shall lose your only child."

As the years passed, Esmeralda forgot the warning of the gypsy woman. She named her daughter Shanaynay, for she wanted her to be as strong as the woman in the stories her mother used to tell her.

Esmeralda loved Shanaynay with everything she had, she would surely die if anything ever happened to her, and that she did.

On Shanaynay's 14th birthday, her mother gave her a phone. She was browsing dank memes in her room later that day, when suddenly someone in the group chat she had joined on Kik, Ass Lickerz, had sent a link, without thinking she quickly tapped it.

It had been quiet for over an hour when Esmeralda realized it was too quiet... She rushed to Shanaynay's room, slamming the door open as if it were your mom's vagina. She shrieked in horror as she saw her daughter's disfigured face, her dead eyes still open, blood dropping down from them as she stared emptily at the blank phone screen. Esmeralda wanted to see what had done this to her daughter. She unlocked Shanaynay's phone and dropped it in horror of the terrifying image the screen displayed... Justin Bieber's nudes.

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