Blue Roses

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The hallway was dark, the only light being the flickering of the torches that lined the wall. His footsteps echoed eerily as he walked down the hallway, feeling a twinge of terror wrack through him, but it was quickly pushed away. He had to complete this, no matter what.

His eyes strained to see the path in front of him. Even with his glasses on, nothing was visible in such deep dark depths. Despite this, he continued on, remembering why he was doing this. It was a promise to the malady. He couldn’t turn his back on her now.

Taking a deep breath, he could see the door coming up ahead. Torches lit made for some view, but most of it was obscured by the blackness. Approaching it, he placed a hesitant hand on the cool metal commonly know as iron. The metal’s coldness made his skin crawl and he felt something flash into his mind. A premonition, the thought that doing meant that something horrible could happen. That something horrible will happen. And if there was no way to stop it anyway, then there was no reason not to proceed forward with things.

As the door opened, he knew, deep down in his soul, that he would regret it all. With no way to turn back, he stepped carefully inside and let the door shut slowly behind him. The room was slightly brighter inside; there were more torches that burned with a brighter flame. His eyes quickly scanned the room.

There were but three people in the room, with all stares directed to the person who had just entered. He didn’t dare return them, but instead kept walking forward to one of the people in the room. The lady sat there on the throne, looking down at the man with cold eyes. He knew earning her trust wouldn’t be easy, but he knew he had to do so.

Dipping down onto one knee, he bowed his head to her. The room fell silent as they awaited her words.

“To whom do you pledge your loyalty?” Her question echoed before dissipating and letting the silence fall once again. Torch fires flickered and swayed, as did the shadows that they created. It was one big dance in which the real beings did not participate. A dance of the shadows.

“I pledge my loyalty to the Lady Maemi.”

Lifting his head, he stared at the Lady. He watched as her lips moved up into a smile. And yet her smile did not feel comforting or warm. It was a dark smile; the smile of one who knows something that you do not. A smile filled with deceit and secrets. He could only begin to imagine what dark secrets this woman held inside.

He watched her arise from her throne, dress shifting and swaying as she moved forward. She descended the stairs that led up to her throne gracefully, her footfalls reverberating in the stone room. She came to a stop in front of him, falling to her knees before him. Bringing her mouth up to his ear, she whispered to him softly:

“Welcome to the Blue Rose Knights.”

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