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I'm over her,But she's not over me..

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Mike sat in his room, he throwed his phone on the floor. Barbara dumped him.... He was angry. He went to his bed and layed. And he kept starring at the moon. Suddenly he heard a beautifull voice next to him. ''Was this an angel...''? No, It was the girl next door, Carly, she was singing ''I won't give up'' by Jason Mraz. Mike grabbed his guitar and played along. He heard that Carly stopped singing. So Mike started to sing.. ''When I look into your eyes...''. ''It's like watching the night sky'', Carly sang along. Their voices matches beautiful witch each other. So it went on, all night long. Well... Untill the neighbours called them up and sat that they have to slow it down.

The next morning they met at the letterbox of Carly.''Wow, you sounded amazing last night '', said Mike. ''Thanks you too, and you play the guitar so well!''. Mike blushed, and Carly giggled. Suddenly a red sports car drove by and honked. ''Yoohoo'', It was Barbara. She ran into him, and pushed Carly away. ''You know, I've been thinking and I really want you back''. Carly rolled with her eyes, and she looked sad. ''I'm sorry, Barbara,I like someone else''.He looked at Carly a long time, with sparkeling eyes. Barbara was furious, she said nothing and drove away as fast as she could. When she was home, she grabbed a picture of herself,Carly and Mike. ''Ahw,, you looked so good back then''. She scratched on Carlys'face. And ripped her of the picture. ''Grr...You're so going to regret this Carly Rae Jepsen''!

The next morning,Carly was playing the guitar outside, and Mike came out of the door. Carly smiled and said: ''Do you want to sing another song, or....''? ''Yeah sure, why not ''he said.. But in the middle of the song, the red sports car drove by. Carly was not feeling good about it, and went inside. Barbara hugged Mike and said: ''Baby, take me back''. ''I know you want me''. ''No Barbara,I don't want you back''. She pushed Mike away. ''What has she, what I don't have''. ''Well, Mike blushed. she's really sweet and always happy..'' ''OH SO I'M NOT SWEET AND HAPPY''. Mike looked at her with big eyes, and then Barbara realized that she has lost. She saw Carly. who was standing by the window. And when Carly looked at them. She started to make out with Mike. Carly staired at it, she didn't knew what she had to do. And then she walked away, from this view..

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