Chapter 1

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Saree (Willah) POV

I stared at the unknown reflection in the mirror. It was hard to believe that this girl looking back at me, was me.

Green contact lenses, dark brown hair that had been cut short. This wasn't Saree Glen Horan. This was Willah Charleson.

I sighed and turned around quickly when I heard a knock at the door. I ran down the long stairway and opened the door.

"Sorry, I forgot my key." he said. Joel Fernandez. Tall, handsome, charming, and my room mate. He worked for the Witness Protection Program and was to insure that I didn't get hurt or try to find my family.

"You aren't supposed to leave me for too long." I said. He gave me an annoyed look

"Willah, I trust you. If you tried to leave, you'd be in danger. We don't know what kind of people Christian worked with and they could be after you." he said. My heart felt heavy and a lump formed in my throat.

I was beginning to think that Joel didn't want me to find Niall or Rue. Like he was jealous. I was silent for the rest of the night. I made dinner for the both of us and then excused myself to go to bed.

I felt like I was trapped in someone else's body. This wasn't me. I wanted to live and be free, not hide in fear. Joel liked me, it was obvious. He was so protective over me and I felt like a child.

I lie in bed that night trying as best as I could to remember what my baby girl looked like. I wondered if Niall found my letters that said that Rue was really mine. I hated lying to him, but sometimes you have to lie to keep someone safe.

To see him broken would kill me. That's why I told him that I adopted her. We all make mistakes, but good can come from them.

I put my head phones on and listened to his voice. These songs were old but they brought back memories. Happy memories...

Rue's POV

"Dad! Come on, we'll miss our flight." I said pulling him through the busy airport.

I was excited. This was a new chapter for me. Dad pulled me out of school before we left for our journey to find her. Determination ran through our veins and hope was high in our minds. We'd find her. I knew we would.

We boarded the plane and settled down in the comfortable seats.

"Rue, calm down, sweetheart." Dad said smiling at me. I couldn't sit still.

"Do you really think it was a good decision for me to pull you out of school?" he looked concerned.

"Dad, I'm fine. I was almost done with school anyways." I say, leaning back in the chair.

"Almost done? You had two years left!" he says, getting a bit louder. I shush him and slowly push him back into his seat.

"I think you're the one that needs to settle down." I laugh. He shakes his head and lays back in his chair.

He fell asleep and I took out my laptop and started writing another part of my book. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to tell a story. A story about my life and how I'd find my mum.

I became tired as well and shut the laptop and settled down to rest. I glanced out the window at the night sky. I had never seen anything so beautiful and I had never been so close to stars. I placed my hand on the plane window and felt the cool glass beneath my finger tips. My hand slid off the window and the heat of my hand had caused steam to form around it.

My eyes drooped and I slowly fell asleep. Wondering where my mum was in this big old crazy world...


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