chapter 4

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A/N:This chapter and the previous one is to apologise for lying to two of my friends for not updating oh and this is gonna be short!

~Alfie's POV~

Woah that kiss was magical.I hope Zoella felt the same. It would be really disappointing if she didn't feel the same. After that I went home, lay on my bed thinking bout the night whether it was a dream.

The next day

Zoella came over to my house to do a vid together we did the make up vids where Zoella got to do make up on me.but what the viewers didn't know was that in the middle of the vid was when something magical happened. Zoella got an offer from a sponsor called Eileen she offered many products and other stuff in exchange of promoting her products and allowing her daughter, Danielle, be a guest star on one of the episodes where she does the accent challenge and stuff.

A/n: this is super short cause 1/2 before mid night peace!

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