My Confusion

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I was sitting on the porch in front of my house reading a book. There was nothing much for me to do that day. Since it was Sunday and I had school the next day. I originally wanted my friend Mia to come over but she was in Chicago with her family. And I absolutely didn't want to ask my stuck up, bratty, neighbors to come cure my Boredom.
Whenever I asked them to come out and play they either said no or just came up with a dumb excuse to do what they wanted to do. And I never understood why.
A few years back the girls Addie, and Maddie and I used to be best friends. Until their mom died in a car crash. After that they never came out of there house. To be exact no ever came out of that house. The lawn was starting to die, and get really long.
After a few months I started to get worried about them, they haven't come to school. Does it really take they long before you can come back to school? I might just be exaggerating because I've never had anyone really die in my family. Except for my puppy, Inzo he was only a few months old when he died from Parvo. But I didn't take 4 months to grieve about him. I mean I loved him very much and I miss him to this day, but really?

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