Chapter 4: From LA To Maui

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Hello again Adison friends, this story of mine is continuing on with a few more chapters left. Keep on reading!

January 1st, 2016

The very next day of the following morning. Adam yawned very loudly right after he woke right up first and he turned to switch to turn the radio off. They were about to get up to go the airport to make it on time for their flight to Maui on their honeymoon this coming late morning to the early afternoon. Adam removed the blanket from his spot as he then sat up on the bed. Still with his white shirt off from last night was slipped off as along with the remains of his tuxedo outfit that was opened in front of his sexy chest. And his belt and black pants on his legs from their sleep in the late, late hours of last night. Allison was still sleeping and snoozing. "Wake up, Mrs. Lambert," Adam smiled, then bent over towards Allison and kissed her forehead. "Wake up, Mrs. Lambert," he repeated. "Wake up!"

Allison opened up her beautiful brown eyes and rolled over towards him and sat up on the bed. Now she was looking at his attractive, and seductive sexy blue eyes within far across from her. "What is it, my love?" she asked, getting up and coming right off the bed by herself.

"Pack your bags!" Adam said, also jumping out of the bed and turned the radio off, concentrate on talking with her. "Since Tommy and Liz were both there at our wedding they had given us our gift from them at the reception last night. They have given us two round-trip plane tickets to our paradise. With a car rental, and the hotel reservation they gave us to stay in for two weeks at The Sheraton Hotel & Resort Maui along with it we're going to be staying in a big, but huge suite that they gave us as a part of the arrangement. Allison, we are going on to The Island of Maui. In Hawaii for us as we're going on to be our own newlyweds dream honeymoon! Are you excited to be there with me whenever we go sightseeing, relax on the beach or make love in our suite at the hotel as well as celebrating my birthday early?" Adam asked her. He then sang, "I got us two tickets to paradise so go and pack your bags we'll leave tonight," which was a lyric from the Eddie Money song of the same name. "Are you ready Mrs. Lambert?

Allison laughed. "Of course I am!" she then said, excitedly. "We're going to The Island of Maui in Hawaii? Oh, Adam! This is so going to be so romantic for you and me," she continued. "It will be our very own honeymoon!"

"Yes. And not to mention our hotel room will be our very big but our very own honeymoon suite. Actually before we start packing, we both need to take a shower to wash ourselves to get all cleaned up and get dressed before we head on our way to over to the airport. And we'll be on time to make it to our flight. So let's get a move on and hurry up. Sounds good, babe?" Adam asked.

"Sounds good, babe," Allison repeated. "I love you, Mr. Lambert."

"And I love you, Mrs. Lambert."

Adam and Allison briefly give each other a quick kiss. Knowing that they got out of the remains of their wedding clothes they wore during throughout the entire ceremony and for the entire reception as of last night. They took turns into taking their showers in the bathroom, as Adam went taking his first and until then Allison was taking hers. After their showers were all done, they dried and brushed their wet hairs, then they've both fixed and styled them, dried themselves up and went to go find something to wear for their late morning-early afternoon flight to their honeymoon in Maui. And somehow while getting ready to be now all dressed up into their very own but now into paradise style of clothes. They pulled out their suitcases and started to pack them with what they needed for their two-week stay in Maui such as sunscreen, Adam's favorite long lengthened-swim trunks, Allison's favorite two piece bikini to show off her thin body being a little over a week pregnant now in her stomach, beach sandals to wear, beach towels, more beach resort clothes and two extra towels along for their entire two-week honeymoon trip. Not only the swimwear are just for them to wear the beach, but also for swimming in the pool or relaxing in a hot tub jacuzzi in the pool room or in the Whirlpool tub in the bathroom while staying at their hotel. And last, but certainly not least, they've picked the right evening outfits for special occasions such as a casual suit and a dress to wear on nights of dinner meals. Including Adam's early birthday to celebrate before his official real one on the 29th as is in four weeks from today while Allison as she will be in the starting first few stages of her first ever official pregnancy. Not only their suitcases, they also have packed their carry-on bags to bring with them onboard. In each other's carry-ons, Adam packed his carry-on with his camera being the same as hers packed in. With mechanical pencils, so he can write about as he and Allison were going to do on their honeymoon and some other things into them with a journal he bought it for himself two weeks from before their recent romantic celebration events recap. Allison's Christmas Eve night pregnancy reveal, Adam's Christmas Day morning marriage proposal, their special New Year's Eve wedding last night and now today is the start of their two week New Year's Day honeymoon in Maui until they return home to LA when the trip will end. All of these events have changed their lives forever in their lives during all of these four special holiday celebrations. Among others, he also packed some others of his own while Allison have started to pack her own carry-on bag as she started to with her makeup bag full of her cosmetics, their purses and wallets full of their own of each other's money in cash, debit and credit cards, California State ID cards and Social Security Cards. Other stuff including their word search booklet that she and Adam always shared to do to find a lot of words on their word searching as an activity to do on the airplane while flying to Maui as their official honeymoon destination until they'll made it to land there, rent their car from the car rental at the airport after their landing, and check in to their suite, the honeymoon suite they were going to stay in together while in Maui. For two weeks until they return home in Los Angeles. With thanks to the surprise that Tommy and Liz have given them as their big special present while at their wedding reception before ringing in the new year last night. With more carry-on packing to do, Adam slightly placed the round-trip plane tickets for their flight to Maui and back home in between both, the rental car info for their car pick up until to return, and the hotel reservation papers to give to check-in at the lobby of their hotel for their honeymoon suite until they'll check out for their return. Everything their friends put altogether. And last, but certainly not least, they both packed each other's iPhone chargers, iPads and iPad chargers, their sunglasses and multi medical over-the-counter pills as well as their prescriptions for when they need them in their carry-on bags. And each other's iPhones were placed into both their pockets. All of the packing into their carry-on bags and suitcases were all finished altogether very fast at once and they've walked out of their bedroom and into the living room. Right until it was about time as they were ready to get to the airport so Adam called up the local taxi cab company in town, by telling the name of their address to come and pick them up to take them to the airport at LAX. So they can make it on their flight to Maui right on time or it would be delayed depending on the time.

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