Chapter 1- Dad

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It was another boring Saturday afternoon here at home. It was 4:34. I was at my room, sketching anything I could think of on my notebook. All I ever did was draw, paint and watch movies. I lived with Nanny Nancy and my younger sister, Erin. I was a year older than her. I'm sixteen, that means she's already fifteen. I want to be an artist though. Someday. I really like drawing and sketching out whatever comes in my mind. Our mom is on a business trip in Canada and our dad is nowhere to be found. He left when I was seven and Erin, six. We still miss him though. Even though it's been thirteen years since we've ever seen him. I closed my notebook, stood up and went out of my room.

"Erin?" I half-shouted, looking for her in the living room.

"Yeah? I'm here at the kitchen." She replied, I went to where she was.

"Whatcha making?" I asked her, as I came in to the kitchen. Seeing her cooking something on the stove.

"Taste it." She replied, putting the wooden spoon toward my mouth.

"Mmm. It's really good. Creamy too. What is it?" I asked, after tasting the soup she made.

"It's mushroom soup. Is it really not that bad?" She questioned, her eyes wide and hungry for an answer.

"Yeah. It even tastes amazing." I replied, giving her a smile.

"Glad you enjoyed it. By the way, Will is coming over for dinner at 7 tonight." She replied, beaming at me. Will had been her boyfriend for about a year. He was blue eyed, tall, dark haired and pale skinned. He was about the same age as Erin is. It's funny how the younger people always get into a relationship faster than you do. Mom knows about him and likes him for her. I on the other hand, didn't have a boyfriend. I was really into my art more than boys.

"Sure. Just don't let him sleep over here. You know what mom thinks about sleeping boys in the house. And no alcohol." Our mom knows about everything that happens in the house. Because of Nanny Nancy. She was our Nanny since we were children. We were pretty close to each other.

"Thanks, Ciao!" She replied as she made her way through the kitchen. Erin was always like that. All sassy and girly. I was quiet and simple. I really didn't like the flashy kind of things. I went out of the kitchen and went outside of the house to check the mail. Getting there, I saw a box in front of our porch and decided to pick it up so I never got to get the mail. I went to my room to open it. Upon seeing the box, it said E. G. F., which were my initials. I knew that it was for me since, my full name was Elaine Grace D. Flint and Erin's was Erin Bianca D. Flint. Opening the box, I saw a fine paint brush, some paint of the colors I never had, a small little rag doll that can be fitted in my pocket and a letter enclosed in a white envelope. I opened it and said;

Dear My little princess,

        I'm really sorry for leaving you, your sweet sister and your mother. I'm sorry for everything I have done. I'm sorry for making you and your sister's lives sad without having a father. Most importantly, thank you for understanding the consequences that have happened in your life.

-Your Loving Father,
Ethan Flint

I had tears welling up in my eyes after reading the letter. I can't believe it. Dad is finally apologizing to us. After all these years. Thank God.

HOLA! There you have it! Chapter uno of my story. Hope you're loving it because things are gonna get good.
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