Is she dead?

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Sakamaki including Yui pov

'She's dead....' 'All that blood is going to waist.' 'Hah serves her right' 'her blood truly smells good.' 'And there she goes.. Not living a single second with us.' 'Blood, blood blood is everywhere. She needs to get out of there.'

Yui pov

I quickly hid behind shu kun and closed my eye shut. 'Please let this be a dream. Please let this be a dream.' I thought , the person who crashed the car shared at me, and had a evil grin on. He rushed to me and looked like he was going to devour me alive. But before he could shu kick him away. Then we heard a bang from the car. The car door was kicked open and Kiryu San came out. She looked twice as scary.

Your pov

'Tch, what an idiotic level e, not knowing I'm called bloody marry for a reason.' I kicked the car open and walked out like nothing happen. The level e look at me and evilly grinned. "Not scared aye? Maybe my gun changes your mind on that." I said earning a glare from the level e. Pulling out my 45 ACP and pointing it at level e who was running to me. I waited for the right moment...... Then shot the ground cause a yell from Ayato "you missed him, you idiot!" But I just smiled as the level e began to be surrounded by my demons. " kill him." I commanded and called the headmaster. But before I could I was stricken in my right shoulder. "My oh my, you guys never learn." I teased, and shot the other level e behind me, the jumped behind shu and stabbed the level e with my sword. (Farthest to the left😁)

Time skip

Still you pov

After the fight headmaster decided to show. Me being me I kick him on the stomach and yelled " what part of 'HURRY' do you NOT UNDERSTAND."
After I calm down headmaster thought he was going to be smart and said,
"Y/n you were the one who wanted who said you want to go pick them up..."
"You knocked me out." I deadpan and pointed my gun behind his head and my sword and inch away from his neck.
"I wouldn't have sent you, my daughter, if you called me da---"

Laito pov

"I wouldn't have sent you, my daughter, if you called me da---"
"One, you are not my dad.
Two, finish the story and off with your head.
Three, what makes you think I'll be calling you dad." Tomboy~ chan said giving mr. Happy go lucky a death glare. 'Seems like they forgot about us' I thought, but my thought was interrupted by tomboy~ chan yelling
"Itai! Nani o!! Baka!!! "
"Ba-- y/n don't you dare say that to me." A guy with same color like tomboy~chan, put her in a head lock. Which of course she tapped his shoulder three times. 'Hmmmmmmm?'

Time skip
In the headmaster office.
Your pov

'I guess I fell asleep on the way back Huh?' I thought and look around the room.'wait I know this smell, this looks familiar too.' Then it came to me I was in the headmaster's room. " headmaster your so dead meat!" I yelled, then was bunked on the head by zero-nii's hand. "Itai, nane o." I said and looked around to see who was here. "So how is everyone? Everything fine? Nothing broken?" I asked "That's what we're suppose to asked you, you were damaged more than use and yet you don't have a single scratch." The boys said in unison. Huh must be a brother thing. "Hehehe well.... About that I'm actually.....

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