The Kiss

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Today was the day when the shot of the musicana kiss has to be shot .
Parth(in mind): yaar yeh kaya h ajkal waise bhi uske liye feelings aati h maan me aur aab yeh kiss

Niti(In mind): kaya h yeh now I have to kiss parth vo bhi onscreen . vaise bhi bhot aajeeb feel hota h uske liye pata nahi kaya h me khud ko control j nahi karpati uske saamne .

With this thought she went to parth's vanity .and she knocked

Niti: parth me andar aaju .???
Parth : arre aao na ...
Niti : mujhe kuch baat karni h .
Parth : bolo??
Niti: actually that shot of ki....(she said while stammaring)kiss
Parth: ha vo actually that is needed other wise I would have only canceled it.
Niti: arre me yeh bol rahi hu ki thisismyfirstkisss.( she said the last line very fast)
Parth:arre break maro aur dherre dherre bolo .
Niti: actually this is my first kiss (while blushing)
Parth: what...???
Niti: ha isliye I am just shy.
Parth: actually mine is second as I have kissed in PTKK now is the second that too o scree .
Precap: nahi Batana .....actually decide nahi h

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