chapter 6

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Jorge:this is crazy I am bored.
Tini:I kn
Teacher:no talking.
Uggg. She is so annoying.
2 hours past by.i want anyone anyone to come. I am bored.
??:babe I came. She said totally ignoring me.
Stephie:you again!!
Tini:ye... I stutter.
Stephie:babe lets go.
Jorge:no babe we have detention.
Ifelt my face turning pale and white. I felt like crying but I stopped myself.
I went to the teacher office.
tini:I feel sick I cant continue detention.
I ran as fast as I an to class to grab my things.
I did what I did and ran. I heard 2 voices behind me.
Stephie:you forgot this and she slaps me.
I ran away crying.
He shouted and ran behind me. I didnt stop till I was in the middle of nowhere.
??:nice again to see you chica.
I regognize this voice.
tini:what do you w..ant.
I said even if I know what he wanted.
He came up to me and started beating the shit out of me. Slapping and kicking. I screamed in pain. He put his hand in his pocket and get out a knife.i knew then that I cant do anything.
Tini:bef..ore I di..e can you tell jorge tha..t I ...lo
I wanted to continue but a voice changed the world.
Jorge:I love you too.
He shouted and came up to peter beating him and shouting something like "you hurted my baby girl"
Peter ran and jorge hurried to me.
he carried me to his house and I cried to his chest. I found out that I cant live without him no matter what he done.
When we are there.he put me on the couch and started doing things to my face with first aid kit.
Jorge:uhh... umm... well I should do your umm you know your... uhh tumm...
Tini:just do it. I screamed.
He opended my shirt slowly and started doing thing.
When he finished I showered and put on his t shirt.
Right now I am sitting on the couch drinking green tea and jorge is doing I dont know.

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