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Midnightstar- a jet black tom with grey eyes
Mountainscar- a light grey she-cat with white paws and belly and blue eyes
Medicine cat
Wishnose- a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice: Sweetpaw
Birdwing- a calico she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice: Fogpaw
Lakenight- a golden tabby she-cat  with brown paws and muzzle and grey eyes
Nightlock- a bluish black tom with amber eyes
Apprentice: Dewpaw
Stonegaze- dark grey tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Amberpaw
Hollowfight - a selfish brown tabby tom with black paws and green eyes
Apprentice: Frostpaw
Crowfang- a smoky grey tom with light blue eyes
Apprentice: Scratchpaw
Vipertail- a ginger and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Goldenheart- friendly golden and white tabby with blue eyes
Scratchpaw- brown tabby tom with grey eyes
Frostpaw - grey she-cat with bright green eyes
Amberpaw - amber she-cat with blue eyes
Dewpaw- silver and white tabby tom with holly green eyes
Fogpaw- dark grey and white tom with amber eyes
Sweetpaw- dark brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes
Jayflower- grey she-cat with jay blue eyes, nursing Crowfang's kits (Waterkit- grey she-cat with blue eyes, Smokekit- smoky grey tom with light grey eyes)
Lightsong- white she-cat with blue and green eyes, mother of Coalstar's kits( Ravenkit- black tom with light blue eyes and three white paws, Snowkit- white she-cat with green eyes, Stepkit- white she-cat with small black paws and blue eyes)
Harefur- dusky brown she-cat, permanent queen adopting Stonegaze's kits( Quickkit- grey tom, Riverkit- silver she-cat with blue eyes, Wolfkit- dark grey she-cat with thunder grey eyes)
Braveheart - Sand colored tom with brown eyes
Rockyhollow- grey tom with with silver stripes
Cats outside of clan
Wren- ginger she-cat with leaf green eyes
Pepper- golden brown she-cat with blue eyes
Smokey- grey and white she-cat with amber eyes, sister to Pepper

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