The S-class trial!

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Narrator POV:

This year's S class trial was being held on Fairy Tail's sacred ground, the Tenrou island. The competitors were Natsu and Happy, Gray and Loke, Freed and Bickslow, Cana and Lucy, Elfman and Evergreen, Juvia and Lisanna, Levy and Gajeel, and finally, Y/N and Wendy. Luckily, Freed's and Juvia's team was eliminated in the first round, leaving just 6 teams left. Now the Fairy Tail wizards were on the next round, where they had to find the guild's first master, Mavis' grave. But that wasn't very easy, since the island was huge!

Your POV:

You and Wendy are clueless. Completely clueless. We don't even know where to start searching for the fricking grave! It feels like looking for a needle in a haystack! "Hey Y/N? Do you think the others are doing okay?", asks Wendy.

"I'm sure they are doing fine. Levy or Lucy's team might win this year, since they are... well, smart!", you reply, and then add, "We shouldn't be worrying about the other teams! We have no idea where we are going and we are so lost!"

"I guess you're right, Y/N chan. What now?"

"Maybe we should find the other teams and follow them.", you say, and looked around to see if there were anyone near us.

"Um.. are you sure we should do that?", she asks, her voice filled with doubt.

"Aww, come on! There isn't any rules against it, right?"


Wendy was cut off by someone screaming. Or maybe someone shouting. You look at the direction that it came from and point to it. "I think that was Natsu! Let's go!", I say, and Wendy nod in reply.We run over to the source of the sound as soon as possible, and spot Natsu's and Elfman's team.

"Hey guys! What's going on here?", you call out, as Natsu holds his precious scarf close to him. Then you relieaze something is wrong. The scarf is now pitch black, like it's covered in a layer of darkness. But that wasn't all. The plants and trees near where they are standing are all withered and dead.

"There's someone un-manly on this island! That crybaby!", exclaimes Elfman, as he points at the dead plants. "He killed them with his magic!

"He made my scarf turn black! He'll pay for this!", yells Natsu, and he runs off to find the mysterious man.

"Oh my! That's not good!", said Wendy, clasping her hand over her mouth. "Who is he?"

"I don't know, but he seemed like he couldn't control his powers! He was crying...He meant no harm.", Evergreen explains, as we try to figure out who the person was.

Suddenly, a red flare appears in the sky. 'A red flare... An enemy invasion?!'

"What?! But how? That's not manly!"

"Who could it be? It can't be that crybaby though..."

"I think we should go to the temporary base!", says Wendy, as we dash through the woods towards the base.

'Will Natsu be okay? He's so stubborn, he might still be looking for that guy!', you think, worried.

"Hey guys, I'm going to go look for Natsu. You know how stupid he is.. I'm worried.", you say, and then turn around to go the direction the pink head was heading. "Take care of Wendy please!"

You run and run until you collapsed onto the ground. 'I can't run any further! My legs are so sore!' That was when you saw it. Someone was sitting, leaning against a tree a few steps away from you. You slowly approach the person, trying to get a better look at his face.

"Hello? Have you seen a guy with pink hair, and a blue cat?", you ask, being as polite as possible. The person started to move away from you, his red eyes showing fear.

"Please! Get away from me! I don't want to hurt you!", he cries out, which surprises you. 'Is this the guy Natsu and Elfman were talking about?', you ask yourself, as you hold out your hand to him.

"I won't do anything! I come in peace!", you say, but the person still seems scaraed. 'Um..okay then..', you think as he looks away from you. "What's your name? I'm Y/N."

" name is Zeref.."

Many thoughts race through your head as you hear the name "Zeref". The evil black wizard who made many death spells... was this crybaby?! What in the world is going on here?! You move closer to Zeref out of curiosity, and Zeref looks at you, his eyes wide open.

" careful! I don't want to hurt you!"

"I'll be fine!", you say, chuckling at the black wizard's surprised expression.

"Really? Are you sure? I don't want to kill you, Y/N. You're so nice..."

You get shocked at Zeref's words.'He's the Zeref? The Zeref that made all the demons and curses?! He seems so innocent. He seems so kind!'

"Th..thanks!", you say, and your heart starts to beat faster and faster. 'What? Do I have a crush on him or something already? We just met!', you tell yourself. "So.. Do you want to be...friends?", you ask, blushing.


You nod in reply.

"What.. is a friend?"

"It's.. someone you can trust, someone you can rely on, someone you can tell everything to, and someone you can live for.", you say with a sweet smile.

"Okay... I'll be your friend!", Zeref answer, and for the first time, he has a smile on his face.

All of a sudden, you hear footsteps coming towards you two. 'Oh crap! I forgot about the red flare thing! There's an invasion!', you think, as you see the person approaching.

"Lord Zeref, I am here to take you to our master."


Please don't mind the crappy grammar! I usually never write in present tense or in second person ._.  Also so many Cliches!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh (dies)

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