Crazy Enough: Chapter 3

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Corkie understood—mostly by the resentful sneer—that she wounded Camo Man's pride by feeding him like a child, but she wasn't stupid. There was no way she was untying his hands. They were anchored to his waist, and that's where they were staying.

Gazing into his eyes as they finished the last of their breakfast, she couldn't help liking the view. He was just absolutely gorgeous. And she honestly never liked military men. Always so cocky and bulked up. But this man was different, she thought. Muscular, but not overly so. And yes, he was cocky and arrogant, but she liked it on him.

Then as the last forkful of food disappeared into his mouth, his lips and teeth clamped down on the metal tines, not letting her pull it free, and he smiled.

Heaven help her...a smile. Dang. Just absolutely gorgeous.

"You can't keep that fork," she leaned over and whispered close to his ear, her fingers still attached to the handle. He let it go, chewed, swallowed and turned his head just enough so that their noses brushed against one another.

"Untie me," he murmured, his eyes drifting down to her mouth.

Corkie smiled. "Now, why would I do a thing like that?"

"It will make things easier for you in the long—"

The rhythmic burst of an assault rifle filled the morning. Everyone around the table froze.

Another round of gunfire had Juan jumping to his feet and grabbing his gun from the side table. He left the room. Corkie bolted up and unhooked the baby from his chair. Ana clapped her hands, and the rest of her children exited their seats. Ana opened the secret hatch under the table and awaited further instructions from her husband.

Alex struggled to untie himself, all teasing and seduction gone.

When Juan came back, his face grim. "It's Espinoza's men. Ana, into the basement."

With precise actions, Ana ushered her children down the ladder and into the basement. Corkie handed over Jacobo after Ana disappeared down the hatch, and she shut the lid behind them. She left Alex tied to his chair to see what was happening out front.

Juan stood beside a window looking out into the yard and listening to the voices shouting at the house. Corkie peered out. Three trucks stood in the middle of the now-empty village. Ugly, mean-looking men called for Juan to bring out the "güerita."

"Güerita? Me?" Corkie asked.

"There is no one else here who fits that description, nińa," Juan said.

"How did they about me? Or know where I am? No one followed us. Well, except Camo Man."

Juan thought for a moment. "Enrique. It seems my cousin has a rat problem in his office."

"But you didn't tell him it was me who saw Espinoza, did you?"

"No." Juan frowned severely. "I believe you were spotted by more than just your peste."

Corkie chewed on her lip. She'd been very careful yesterday. No one from the airstrip should have seen her on the ridge. "What are we going to do?"

"We, nińa? No, you will go with Ana and take the tunnel to the church. Mi Amor will worry about you, and Fr. Ramiro will take you to Chihuahua when it is safe."

"I'm not leaving you to deal with...them," she said, waving at the men outside.

"I will take care of this, nińa," Juan argued. "If Espinoza is looking for you because of those pictures you took, you need to get out of Mexico. You are not safe here. Espinoza is a dangerous man."

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