The Card.

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A/N: Alright so I decided for this one to do some smut, I honestly don't know how I'm doing on this wiring stuff, so yeah...feel free to tell me. Also don't know if the smut is good. If you don't get the title for this one, you'll get it when you see the explanation at the end. Oh and if you don't like boyXboy sex don't read this part. Oh and also I forgot to say if you haven't noticed that there will a little photo to go along with the section, the art isn't mine(I wish), so like creds to all the artists. So I'll stop talking now, and here's this smut chapter(warning it's mostly likely really bad).


"Stevie." Tony itched for Steve's attention, whining as he looked into his eyes.

"What now, Tony?" Tony sat on Steve's lap, who was sitting on the couch.

"Well, I was just thinking 'bout us...and stuff." Tony smirked into Steve's neck.

"What stuff?"

"Well as it appears, we've been together for awhile now, and we've never really done stuff." Tony was hoping Steve caught on with what he was implying, but the blonde was now a little confused.

"What do you mean? And by awhile you mean literally a week and a half."

"Yeah I know for awhile, like I said. I mean-" Tony cut himself off by kissing down Steve's neck. Steve let out a soft moan.

"Oh, ahh, that's what you mean." Steve let two more moans out before stopping Tony.

"Oh c'mon Stevie, it's just ya'know sex." As soon as the blonde heard the word he grew red to the roots.

"I know what it is Tony."

Tony looked at Steve who only grew redder by the second, "Oh my god, y-you have never had sex, have you?"

Steve grew even redder and a little embarrassed, "Can we please, just not talk about this."

"Stevie, you know, we can change that." Tony winked and started kissing down Steve's jaw.

"Ahh-Alright." Steve gaped open releasing soft moans.

Tony stopped kissing Steve and stood up from the blondes lap. "What are you doing?" Steve also stood now.

"I am going to bed. And you are going to join me." Tony winked at the blonde. Steve stuttered at the thought of losing, well, his virginity. He hesitated on the thought of running or going to the room, Steve took a shaky breath and proceeded to the room.


Steve entered the room, closing the door and leaving the room completely dark, but also a hiding Tony. "Tony where are you?" Steve whispered, even though nobody else was in the room, or sleeping. "I'm right here Stevie." Tony appeared at Steve's side starting to kiss down Steve's neck, causing Steve to jump at the sudden appearance. "Jesus Tony, were you-ahh hiding?"

"Does that matter?" Tony pulled Steve's shirt off, rubbing his hands over Steve's every curve. Steve pulled Tony close and into a short passionate kiss, before pulling off Tony's shirt. Admiring Tony's body, he ran his hands down Tony's chest, then back up to the reactor. "Can I-" "Yes!" Tony knew exactly what Steve was gonna ask, if anyone else wanted to he wouldn't feel as safe, but Steve was different. Tony grabbed Steve's hand and pulled it close to the reactor. Steve ran his hand around it, "I like it." Tony smiled and kissed Steve, wrapping his arms around the blondes neck. Steve put his arms around Tony's waist pulling him closer in, then deciding to take the next small step, he unbuttoned Tony's pants and pulled them down, then the same to his. Steve looked down, "Tony, where are your underwear?" "I didn't feel like put'n em' on." Steve smiled ridiculously adorably like Tony loved.

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