[Akashi Seijūrō] Absolute Desire [l]

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Dedicated to Otaku_Chi & StrawberrySphinx

It was almost surreal how flawless you were; not a single split end in your [Hair Color] tresses, the figure of an hourglass, your bosom wasn't too big nor too small, the supple mounds below your back were bigger than average yet not over excessive, your skin was like porcelain, not a single scar to be seen, your [Skin Color] epidermis matched the texture of the satin sheets he slept on. Physically, you were perfect, it was a shame that practically the whole school either wanted you or to be you, the girls could keep on their impossible day dreaming but the boys would have to stand aside as the heir of one the of the most important international businesses had already set his heterochromatic eyes on you.

Your signature devilish smirk sent a shiver down the boys' spine, your smile was the complete opposite, it was as pure and untainted as the snow that fell during the winter, your words were laced with honey and milk, a sweet combination indeed. Your giggles weren't as innocent as you would imagine them to be, the chuckle that would erupt from the back of your throat was as sinfully seductive as you were in secret. You carried yourself with utmost grace and had the aura of a feline; predatory but elegant. It was only a matter of time before the crimson haired male discovered your true colors. The perfection of your being wasn't and couldn't possibly be human, you had to have some kind of secret behind your non existent imperfections and that you did have, you were waiting for the man who would claim you as his own any day now to figure what it was.

Behind your fluttering eyelashes were the ebony pupils that held a hidden flame, in the almost insane male's erotic dreams during the eerie hours of the night were the only time he could possibly fantasize about your body and his needs of lustful hunger for you and still have enough time to take care of the growing problem that was hidden beneath his trousers.

He would sneak a few glances of you throughout the day, each time he would think about what was beneath the clothes that tightly adorned your glorious body, he dreamed of running his fingers through your hair, tangling them in those [Hair Color] locks and pulling your face closer to his as your lips met. He wondered how your luscious lips would look colored with lipstick that represented a darker shade of his own hair. Honestly, every little bit of you excited him in ways he couldn't possibly fathom, that hidden spark of emotion your eyes held was still a mystery to him, he was always composed so his emotions never really got the best of him, as much as he'd loved to know what that feeling was he would kill to be the fire to ignite it. He wanted- no he needed you, he craved your very being.

Your essence was natural, no perfume or fragrance of any kind could match the smell of your skin, it was intoxicating and alluring, the smell of your skin was one of the many things that dragged his mind into the endless abyss of unexplainably lewd thoughts and dreams that haunted him during his slumber. He didn't question his feelings for the beautiful and dignified female he knew to be [Last Name] [Name], that name would forever be the sickly sweet poison he wished to speak as he reached his high, as dominant as he was, your gaze could even intimidate a man like himself, that fact stopped surprising him after a while but he knew he could flip the tables if he could have just one night with you, a night of wicked passion and fulfilling his urges.

He hated to admit that even you had him wrapped around your finger, the closer he got to even laying a finger on you, just to relish the softness of your skin and to breath in the same air as you was a dream he wished to come true. Half of that dream he had lived out to fullest but the other had the small, almost invisible hairs on his back to raise, it gave him goosebumps just thinking of you.

Even now, in the middle of English class he focused half on the material the teacher was teaching and the other half of his wide attention span was on the lovely lady he had to claim. It didn't worry him that he wasn't giving his fullest in learning at the moment as he had already studied the topic at home whenever he could. Remembering what class he was in, he thought about all the dirty things he could whisper in your ear, maybe the foreign language was something you liked. The man did have a strong but nicely suave voice, he could thank genetics for that part of himself.

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