Chapter 2| Missions?!

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-Third person's point of view-

Y/n sat down, eating her breakfast in her cozy apartment, after she had finished the delectable breakfast, she washed her hands and began to explore the system more, it seems she could close the system from her view, if she pressed her profile and put exit, but from the corner of her vision, there were the words 'menu' which seemingly wouldn't go away, but she learned to somewhat ignore it.

Clicking the menu the system popped back up, her eyes roamed around, glancing over chat, before pressing 'Missions"

Taking in a deep breath, a list suddenly appeared, currently, there were 4 missions. It seemed the ones she didn't complete yet had a 'X' next to them, and the ones she did would say 'cleared'

Level 1:
EXP to level up (100)
Current EXP: 20/100

- Eat breakfast [cleared] + 20 exp

- Chat more with Batman. {X} (20 exp)

- Sweep the floor {X} (15 exp)

-Quit your job. {X} (45 exp)

REWARDS: 50 shop coins, 3,000 dollars cash, Level up.

Y/n took in a deep breath at the last quest, but then she saw the rewards. Taking a seat, she hid her face in the palms of her hands. "Maybe I'm crazy?" she muttered, if she did quit her job and this was her delusion, she would be fucked.

but this all felt too real, to be some mind-constructed delusion. Before she made the big decision to quit her job, Y/n stood up and grabbed her broom to sweep the floor. After she finished sweeping her small kitchen, her mission dinged and gave her 15 exp.

Y/n decided she would do the hardest quest last, she opened her chat up to resume chatting with Batman, seemingly Batman somehow knew she was on, as the blue box had appeared.

[Batman looks at your face closely on the systems monitor, he takes note of your refreshed look. He likes the simple-ness of your clothes.]

"Thanks." Y/n muttered giving a small smile, as she slowly speaks, "I was, looking at the system a bit more, and it gave me a mission to quit my job, the rewards were 50, shop coins and 3,000 dollars cash," Y/n calmly stated, venting a bit, but not to much.

[Batman heart beats a little faster at your smile]

[Batman understands your worries, he feels as if you should listen to what the system says, Batman thinks the system seems to operate like an unknown entity, and denying the missions may result in consequences.]

Y/n slowly nodded her head, Batmans reasoning was sound, however, she wished he could speak directly to her, that way she would be able to understand him better. "Yeah, your right, this is peculiar...I'll listen to you,"  Y/n nodded her head, as she spoke one more time. "I'll chat with you later, I need to do some things."

[Batman stayed silent, his eyes training on you briefly, watching you close the chat]

Y/n grabbed her phone and called up her boss.

-Third person's point of view, Batman's perspective-

Bruce, maneuvered his body, his fingers dancing across the screen, his gaze fixed on Y/n as she appeared to exit the chat. Yet, even as Y/n supposedly left, Bruce could still see her. It became evident that the only circumstance in which the camera on Y/n's end was deactivated was if Bruce himself closed his chat. Bruce opted to keep it open, maintaining this peculiar connection for the entirety of his time with the strange system

Also, he found a feature where he could keep a window of the chat open while, looking at other qualities of the system, it would simply create a new screen for him to do so. It seamlessly generated a new interface for him to multitask, enhancing his experience even further.

Bruce took this time to admire Y/n's features, the way her H/c, cascaded in a mesmerizing array of (straight/curly/wavy/etc) strands. It was the color of her taunting e/c orbs that pulled him in, that seemed to possess a tantalizing sheen. The contrast of her s/c skin adds to the enchantment of her features. 

He couldn't help but click his tongue against the roof of his mouth, caught in the subtle enchantment of the entirety of her presence. There was something undeniably intriguing, alluring, about Y/n, something that tugged at the corners of his consciousness, yet remained just beyond his comprehension, he ignored it

Bruce let out an released an exasperated sigh, as his head found its place on his knuckles. His piercing blue gaze reflected onto the screen as he navigated through his 'missions.' With a single tap, his stats materialized before him.

"Tea, Master Bruce?" Alfred's comforting voice floated into the room, accompanied by the gentle hum resonating from his throat as he approached a gentle smile on his face. 

Bearing a tray adorned with a delicate teacup and its accompanying vessel. "Yes, thank you, Alfred," Bruce replied, his voice carrying a slight clearing of his throat as he acknowledged the offered refreshment, he took a sip of the milk tea.

"Alfred? Can you see this?" Bruce motioned to the system. "See what Master Bruce?" Alfred hummed out in a confused tone. "Thought so..." Bruce murmured, excusing Alfred from the Bat-cave.

-Third person's point of view, Back to Y/n's perspective-

"YOU LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE BI--Y/n slammed down the phone, her frustration palpable as she ignored her boss's rant, about her sudden resignation. She cast the conversation aside, only to be interrupted by the faint chime of a notification, from the corner of her eye she saw a red mark on her menu button, opening the menu, the otherwordly system once again appeared in her view.

Her fingers found their way to the missions tab, and before she knew it, neatly bundled stacks of cash totaling 3,000 materialized in her lap. 

...Congrats leveling up & Completeing your mission(s)! Here is your reward(s)...

- 50 shop coins [acquired]

- 3,000 dollar's cash [acquired]

- ! Level up ! [acquired]

Y/n's mouth was agape a bit, her mind racing as she, gave a small smile, suddenly clicking on her chat option she noticed something.


[Charles Xavier joined the chat]

Authors note: (James McAvoy version of charles Xaviers btw.)

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