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the mortals were . . kind .

or , perhaps she had just gotten lucky . the group that found her was a rather large family that had seen her fall . they expressed their shock that she was even alive when they saw her for the first time .

after the first shock , they attempted to move her , and discovered her wings and odd colored blood . that was quite surprising as well , as you can imagine . but , they still took her into their home despite this .

when she woke , she found they had treated her wounds , and set her bones .  the eldest daughter had even dressed her in her own clothes , at the expense of cutting out the back to accommodate her extra appendages . they referred to her as ' aurelia ' - the golden one .

this would become the first name she was ever given , but certainly not the last .

as she healed , she was slowly taught their language , along with the youngest child of the family .

hiding her wings was difficult , but not impossible . once able to , she began to learn how these humans lived by following them in their daily lives . she did everything with them , and they simply accepted her as one of their own .

when asked why , they insisted she was a blessing from the gods , and she would bring them good fortune . oh , how wrong they were . .

to repay their kindness , aurelia began to work hard to recover from the fall , and slowly rediscovered how to use the remnants of her gifts . the only thing her new family was interested in was her beautiful , beautiful blood , and how just a drop mixed into their drinking water made them feel better than they had in years .

it was almost . . addictive , how wonderful it made them feel . just what would they do to keep feeling this way ?

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