Trollstopia Ep 💯🥳🎉🎆🍾🥂: A Trolls New Era

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A month passed...

Since the Trolls Band Together Movie...

Since Brozone got back together...

Since Viva returned to Poppy and Peppy...

Since Elder Leaf made portal machines to Vacay Island, Putt Putt Village, and the principal kingdoms of Trollstopia for more accessible transportation...

And since Putt Putt Village became part of Trollstopia...

Trollstopia continues to grow and expand its population because of the new additions. Because of the events during the movie, big things are waiting for the Trollstopians...

In a good and bad way...

So, very neutral...

Inside Branch's Bunker, now known as the Brozone Bunker, next to it is a garage-like dog house for Rhonda to sleep in. From the Bunker's entrance is John Dory carrying a big bag of armadillo pet food.

"Rhonda! Good morning, beauty! Time for breakfast," he called.

Rhonda woke up happy from hearing his voice. She happy-pants and wags her tail while showing her food bowl. John Dory then pours her food in.

"Enjoy, girl," he said while petting Rhonda.

Rhonda begins to eat her food after she licks JD to thank him. John Dory goes back inside to show Elder Leaf cooking breakfast with Brandy and Bruce.

"At least cooking for a big family helps out with the restaurant. Right, Brandy?" Bruce said.

"You got it, Brucy," she answered.

"I make a lot of food, so I'm lucky to find out I have more grandsons and that one of them has a family of his own," said Elder Leaf.

Bruce's children wait patiently for their servings. Clay, with ten curlers in his hair, arrived while yawning. As in the movie, his hair becomes big and messy when he removes his curlers.

Floyd came over with coffee in a pink mug to say, "That explains how your hair is always like that, Clay. But it looks good on you."

"And you look like you came out from a grave. Better drink up your coffee, Floyd," Clay joked.

After Floyd smirked, he drank all his coffee in one gulp. But he then eats the mug, which shocked everyone to stare at him.

"Mommy, did Uncle Floyd eat his mug?" Bruce Jr. questioned.

"I guess so, kiddo," Brandy answered.

"Chillax, fam. That mug was quick-hardening coffee jelly. I made it myself," Floyd said while stretching his arms.

"Is breakfast almost done, Grampy?" John Dory asks.

"We are just making the portions for everyone, John," Elder Leaf continued. "JD, Bruce, Clay, Floyd, be lads and wake up Branch. We can't eat until the rest of the family gets together."

"Yeah! I miss waking him up," John Dory said excitedly.

"I wake up my kids all the time, but this will be a brotherly special," Bruce agreed.

The four older brothers happily go over to a door labeled Branch in blue paint. When they slowly open a door, a flashback begins in the past. It shows Baby Branch sleeping peacefully in his crib while holding Croc, both covered in a blanket. Slowly popping up over his crib are young John Dory, Spruce, Clay, and Floyd smiling. The four brothers were awed at seeing how cute Baby Branch was sleeping.

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