It's just a little crush

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Freya Mikaelson x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon
Request: Anonymous asked: Could I please have imagine where the reader is a vampire/witch hybrid Klaus turned around the 15th century. She becomes his closest friend and he considers her family. He brings her in (season 3ish) to protect Hope. She connects with everyone, but is especially drawn towards the eldest Mikaelson sister Freya. Freya feels the same but is afraid to admit so. The others set them up together.

Klaus watched you closely as you talked with Freya. She was leaning over Hope, helping her pull her hair out of her face so the ends didn't dip into the paint you'd set out with her. He had been a little nervous leaving you alone to watch over Hope. But now he was certain that asking you and Freya to watch her together was one of the better ideas he'd had in a while.

Both of you looked contentedly happy spending time with each other. He'd known that there was something between you both for a while. Though now he was watching you closely he realised that neither you nor Freya were aware of how you felt about each other. Hope looked up while you and Freya talked and smiled at her father. There was an understanding between them and she jerked a head in your direction. Klaus put a finger over his lips and vanished making her grin. It would be a lot easier to help the two of you fall for each other with her father's help.

Klaus made sure to explain that something was going on and he needed both of you to take care of Hope for him. You agreed but mostly because he leaned on the centuries of friendship that the two of you had. Despite it being a tumultuous friendship. You found yourself enjoying spending time with Freya. She seemed to warm up to you. It had been clear that while there was something deeper between the two of you it had yet to be explored. The two of you had been polite for Hope's sake and done your best to get along. At the same time, she and her father devised plans to encourage the two of you to spend more and more time together.
"We have to move." You said firmly.
"My magic will hold." Freya insisted. You stared at her and she stared at you. Folding your arms you sighed and let out a slow huff.
"If it doesn't we're stuck in here. I'm good but I'm not good enough to get all of us out of here if those people get in here and try to take Hope." You snapped. Freya stared you down but you didn't move. There was a heavyweight in the air as she stepped closer to you. She looked deep into your eyes and went to say something before yearning on her heels and storming off. Hope giggled as you slowly turned to her.
"What?" You asked. She hummed to herself as she mixed a new paint colour.
"You and Aunt Freya." She said slyly. You gave her a discerning look.
"You wouldn't happen to know about all the time I've been spending with Freya and this sudden influx of enemies?" You asked as you sat at the table with her. She grinned, dabbing her paintbrush into the and making several careful swipes across the page.
"At first it wasn't anything serious but now it is. Dad wanted the two of you to spend time together." She admitted. You weren't surprised and nodded slowly.
"But now there really are bad guys?" You asked her. She nodded quickly. You smiled and helped her clean off her brushes as she mixed a new colour.


"Why are you packing up? We found the spell." Kol said as he hurried into the room Freya was in. She was meticulously packing up her spell workings and muttering to herself.
"We have to leave." She snapped. Kol stared at her then shook his head.
"Why would we leave? You have the spell to hold anyone off and (Y/N) and I are powerful. We'll be fine." He insisted but saw that Freya was reluctant to listen to him. He sighed and watched her packing hoping that she would talk to him.
"(Y/N) has good instincts. If she thinks that we need to go we should." Freya said in an oddly affectionate tone. Kol gave her a knowing look and decided that he would help her pack up. He wasn't going to interfere in her relationship when she might possibly need to fight off supernatural attackers. He'd like to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. When they were done they moved on to pack up for Hope until everything was ready. You went out to the car to help Freya ward the car with protection spells while Kol watched Hope.
"You aren't going to believe what I found out." You said after a long awkward silence between the two of you.
"What?" She asked. Her tone was harder than she meant as she focused on a spot in the door that bent and caved into a rune beneath her hand.
"Hope says that she and Klaus have been working together to make sure we spend more time together." You muttered. For the first time since Klaus had informed the two of you that you would be solely responsible for Hope's safety after a recent attack on the Quarter, Freya looked up at you with a soft affection that you had caught glimpses of when you were first introduced.
"They wanted us to spend time together." She commented. You nodded and leaned against the car, moving when you felt the outside burning your vampiric skin.
"I think. Perhaps. I would enjoy spending more time with you. When we're not arguing over how to keep a magic baby alive." You joked. She smiled and both of you heard a cry of 'not a baby!' from within the building behind you both.
"I think I would like that too."

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