Chapter 2: A Change In Direction

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Lin Su was furious at Luo Ying. If Luo Ying had not threatened him with Su Ran’s secret, he would not have taken the initiative to meet Luo Ying.

The book mentioned that Su Ran had once been raped, and the process was recorded. Very explicit footage of her naked body had been involved. Lin Su didn’t want Su Ran to remember these painful memories, and he didn’t want others to look at Su Ran in a different light. So, he didn’t want these films to be leaked out.

In the end, the footage fell into Tian Tian’s hands. The original Luo Ying had used it as leverage.

Luo Ying had always hated such acts, so she despised this particular arc. She turned to look at Tian Tian, feeling wronged. “Why didn’t you warn me that this would be the tone of our meeting?”

Tian Tian’s mouth was agape. She wanted to say that she was the one who had planned this, so did she need to remind her?

Before she could speak, she heard Luo Ying continue, “But, Brother Lin Su, you don’t have to worry. The copy in my hand is just a backup. The original video is in Tian Tian’s hands. If you want it, you can just ask her for it.

Luo Ying’s abnormal actions stunned the two people present.

Lin Su’s murderous gaze shifted to Tian Tian. “What did she mean by that?”

Tian Tian shuddered inexplicably at his intimidating aura, and she quickly denied it. “I’m not. I didn’t. I don’t know.”

Luo Ying put on an innocent face and pointed in the direction of the sofa. But isn’t the phone that recorded it in your bag?”

Tian Tian subconsciously wanted to turn around to protect the bag, but Lin Su was tall and had long legs. He took a big step forward and picked up the bag. With a strong jerk, the contents unceremoniously clattered to the ground. One of the mobile phones of dark red was particularly conspicuous. Lin Su immediately picked it up.

“What’s the password?” He interrogated Tian Tian. Tian Tian was so frightened that she could only step back. Lin Su frowned as he glanced at the screen. He forcefully pulled her hand over and pressed the fingerprint sensor. The phone was unlocked with a beep.

Lin Su looked at Luo Ying as he operated the mobile phone. “Your copy! Hand it over!”

Luo Ying spread her hands. “I just came out of the hospital. I didn’t bring my phone with me.” After all, when the original Luo Ying staged that suicidal stune, she didn’t have her phone with her. “If you’re still worried, I’ll get my phone and delete it in front of you tomorrow or the day after.”

Lin Su sneered, “What? Is this your new way of getting to my good side?”

Luo Ying was speechless. You’re thinking too much.

However, Lin Su did not believe her. His face was full of disdain. “I’ve said it before. No matter what tricks you play, I will never view you favorably. I will only hate you more.”

As a pampered little princess who was loved by everyone, when had Luo Ying ever been despised like this? She could make up for the mistakes that the original Luo Ying had made, but that didn’t mean that she would allow others to bully her. She was not going to let this continue any further!

“Are you deaf or do you not understand human language? Anyway, it’s up to you whether you want the video!” Luo Ying said impatiently.

However, Lin Su concluded that she was playing hard to get. “I advise you not to waste your time. No matter how many times I see you, I said I wouldn’t like you and I mean it. So, you better take out your phone now and delete the video!”

Who in this era doesn’t bring their phones out? Luo Ying is trying to stall for time and find an excuse, but she can’t come up with a decent one. She is really stupid.

Lin Su’s thoughts were written on his face. It made Luo Ying laugh.

Seeing this, Tian Tian hurriedly added, “Brother Lin Su, Yingying really didn’t bring her phone. She was so excited to see you that she rushed out without preparing herself. She knew she could buy more time with you if she came without a phone.”

According to Luo Ying’s original plan, she was going to use this video to threaten Lin Su and force him to be with her. Tian Tian didn’t know why Luo Ying would suddenly change her mind and drag her into this. She was furious and guessed that Luo Ying had forgotten everything the moment she saw Lin Su and only cared about following his wishes.

After all, Lu Zhao had seen Luo Ying pestering Lin Su with her own eyes. He had also agreed to the divorce because Luo Ying had jumped off a building. Therefore, Tian Tian was certain of it. Since Luo Ying had caused her to be held accountable by Lin Su today, she didn’t want things to go too smoothly for Luo Ying.

As expected, Tian Tian’s words made Lin Su even more certain that Luo Ying was just playing hard to get and that she was trying to find an excuse to spend more time with him. He sneered. “If your acting skills were any better, I might have believed you more!”

Luo Ying’s eyes widened in an instant. This guy actually doubted her acting skills!

As a top movie queen, all the reporters in the industry who had interviewed Luo Ying knew one thing: you could say that Luo Ying wasn’t beautiful, but you could never say that she could not act!

If not for the fact that the original Luo Ying’s previous crimes were just as malicious as they were hopelessly stupid, Luo Ying would have demolished Lin Su on the spot. She didn’t expect him to actually attack her acting skills!

The corners of her lips curled up, and she started to ridicule him. “It seems that my pestering has given you the illusion that you’ve really become that person who is loved by everyone and who is the center of the universe.”

Lin Su was not really that narcissistic, but it was strange for Luo Ying to say this. He was stunned for a moment and retorted, “At the very least, I think that’s how I am in your eyes.”

“Maybe, for a time. After all, it’s said that love is blind, so it’s normal for your eyes to be blinded by a veil and for reason to fly out the window. However, no matter how thick the veil was, it would not stay in place forever. Without that veil, people will eventually return to reality. There is only one thing that can make me love for a lifetime and never turn back, and that is money. I’m sorry, my man.” Luo Ying glanced at him from head to toe. “You are still far from this standard.”

Lin Su’s face turned ugly in an instant. Luo Ying had grown surprisingly eloquent today, and she was even more difficult to deal with than before. This realization gave Lin Su even more of a headache, and he felt unusually irritated.

On the other side, Luo Ying was not yet done. “I see that you’re unhappy. Could it be that while you dislike me for pestering you, but you actually like me in your heart? Is that why you’re not happy when I say that I wouldn’t pester you?”

After she finished speaking, she looked at him as if she was looking at a pervert.

Lin Su was stunned. A thought did flash through his mind just now. If Luo Ying really stopped pestering him, what would the future be like?

This thought had come and gone in a flash. He didn’t care too much about it at first, but now that Luo Ying said it, he had the ridiculous sensation that a secret in his heart had been exposed.