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Eastwood was always known for the thick lay of fog surrounding it. From a sky view, it looked liked the society was engulfed by the humidity, a clear ring holding the town together. Outsiders never did get enough of their own jewelry and rings, so it was fitting for Eastwood's ring to entice them to adventure into the land of clouds. Soon people from all around the world were visiting; drowning themselves in the beauty which Eastwood had to offer and the wonderful tales of how such a place came to exist. 

It was said that Mother Nature resided in the depths of Lake Eastwood where her warm presence interfered with the chilly air. The combination of hot and cold created the endless fog, leaving the people with such a rare gift of allure. 

Of course there was more than one tale on the blessing of the smog, but there were too many for tourist Natalia Wilkins to have remembered. She was also too busy snapping photos of the glorious forest scenery to have cared. All her life Natalia had never seen such a captivating environment. Where she came from there was dirt, rocks, and more dirt. That was the exact reason why she had left Arizona behind and traveled her way to Eastwood, even if it was only for two weeks. 

Curious green eyes casted over the trees and shrubs until falling upon one particular thing. It was no landscape nor animal life. Instead it was a rather large building barely even visible to the eye. She could make out the front door and the cracked opening which made her brows furrow deeply, wondering why they would leave it open. It wasn't until a shadow emerged from the inside that she hid herself behind a tree, scared they saw her staring. After a few painstakingly slow heartbeats Natalia found the courage to peek around the trunk, her eyes locking on the man standing on the porch. He was overdressed in black tie attire which was odd since they were in the middle of the forest, yet the more she analyzed him, the more fitting it became. Her innocent staring was only caught a few moments later, the man's gaze changing direction towards her way. Natalia sucked in a breath, hoping he was only looking around at the lovely scenery like she had minutes ago. However with a wave of his hand just before the fog became too thick and he disappeared, Natalia realizes she was caught red handed. 

"Miss, miss!" A nasally voice brought Natalia back to Earth and out of the clouds. "You have ventured way off course. Back to the group!"

With one last glance towards the blanket of fog shielding the building from anyone to have seen it, Natalia turned around and faced her tour guide. The haze masked her frustration only a tiny bit.

"Please no more venturing off, okay? We have a schedule to uphold." She breathed out. 

Natalia nodded while chewing on the inside of her cheek. "Yes, it... it won't happen again."

And so that was where Mother Nature tried her hardest to protect Natalia Wilkins from the lure of that household. It was said a beast of a man lived in those there woods. He might not have had the fur and the claws like one, but do not be fooled by his winding curls or tantalizing green eyes. For you see, those green eyes were full of yearning; the desire to enrapture you in a world of money, fantasy, and lust. 

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