Egon's pov

i was working on trying to see if a scientific theory was wrong or right so I was trying to drop the chemicals in the beaker as i was taking notes i started getting hungry then went downstairs and said hello to ray before I said hey y/n then she looked up from her computer yes egon she said then I said I need a snickers bar do you have one then she said yeah and  looked on her desk and was about to give it to me and I reached out to get it when she jerked her hand back and said only if  i get to hang out in your office beacaus then ray yelled shit and my attention whent to him and then she paused for a moment and then said that and I said sure then she said yes and gave me the candy bar and then followed me to my lab whille we where in there y/n kept asking me questions about about my thoughts on the ghosts stuff and I said there fascinating and I like to do tests on them then she said also why did Janine not come to work today then I said uhm she she quit then she said oh well I can be the secretary all i have to do is balance the paper work and the calls it cant be that bad then I gave a small smile and looked back down to the chemicals when Ray came in and said loudly we got another call come on lets go wich made me spill the chemicals on my self then I wispered relax egon relax then i said thats great but now I have to go shower and go without me I said as I walked to our showers

Y/ns pov

as egon walked off ray looked at me and i said I better get back to work and whent back down stairs

20 minutes later

Egon sat next to my desk and had on a white botton up with short sleeves and a blue vest over that and grey pants I looked at him and said uhm I thought once you got outa the shower you where gonna go back to your science research then he said uhm naw it gets kinda boring all by myself then i said I thought you liked being alone then before he was about to answer I got a call i picked up the phone and said this is the ghost busters how may I help you then a woman said hello there's a ghost makeing a mess in my store then i said ok what does it look like after she gave me the details and the address i said I'll send them over as soon as they get back ok bye then I put the phone back onto the receiver then egon said what kinda ghost is it then i said its Another slimer he nodded and picked up the pencil and started twirling it wich was very satisfying then I said I didn't know you could do that then he said theres alot of things you don't know then I said hey uhm are you going to go with the boys when they get back then he said uhm no because I just took a shower and also there's a possibility that I might get slimed so no then i said cool then ray and Peter got back and said hey egon I got something for you then I said hey egon you need to hurry up and get those traps stored sweetie then he said sweetie then I said you are what you eat then he smirked and whent to the storage facility then peter said well you heard the lady move move move  then I gave them the address and they left again then I sat back in my chair and then egon came back and said if you need me I'll be in my office

Egon's pov

I can't believe she called me sweetie I thought as i put the traps up and the first one was clean the rest where not then i came back and said y/n I'll be in my office and walked up the stairs and opened the door and closed it behind me then i cleaned up the spilled chemicals and then y/n came and said hey I'm sorry that I called you then I cut her off by saying  sweetie then she looked down and said yes then I said dont worry about it then she said ok and was about to leave until she said hey im makeing waffles you wont some then I said yes and a coke please then she said ok and closed the door but opened it again and said after your done cleaning the chemicals  please wash your hands then I said I will then she closed the door

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