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Jaime Lannister had only ever truly loved one girl and it was not his sister.  It was the mother of his sons Daemon Lannister the Rogue Prince and heir to Casterly Rock along with his brothers Aemond Lannister the Terror of the Rocky Skies, and the youngest Lyros Lannister the smiling Lion and their daughters Visenya Lannister and Helaena Lannister.

Her name is Rhaenyra Lannister (nee Targaryen).

The Suneshine of the Realm.  The beloved sister to Rhaegar Targaryen, daughter of the man he had killed Aerys Targaryen. Their son was all Targaryen. Not an ounce of Lannister in him which brought people to whisper Daemon was Rhaegar's son and not Jaime Lannister's.

Jaime Lannister's father loved his grandchildren and he loved his daughter by law, more so than his own daughter which made Cersei hate Rhaenyra who was beloved by everyone she met. 

When their sons and daughters was born both also being pure Targaryens part from their green eyes. But no one whispered about their births since Rhaegar had not been seen with his sister for over a year.

Then Robert's Rebellion happened Rhaenyra had collapsed when she had heard of her family's death. Her children had held her tightly as she sobbed. Jaime Lannister just stood their unsure of what to do making his children's hearts grown cold against him

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