Failed To Ask

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"Zed, Are you sure this is a good idea?" Eddie asked her Zombie friend as he stood on top of a ladder to fix a sign.

"Relax, Eddie. I know what I'm doing." He assured her confidently. "No, I don't think you really do." The brunette told her friend.

"When do I throw the confetti?" Zoey, his little sister, asked, her hand full of confetti.

"You'll know." Zed answered before the bus from the Cheer Camp appeared.

"Uh, oh." He said before he started to scream. Eddie jumped out of the way just as the bus hit the Zombie's ladder and made him fall on top.

"Shit!" She yelled before she started running after the bus, the younger Zombie following after her.

She stopped to catch her breath as her friend fell off the bus and watched as the vehicle drove into the forest.

"Yeah, you know what you're doing." Eddie said before his sister threw the confetti at him.

Zed started running into the forest after the bus. "Oh, for heaven's sake!" Eddie groaned before following after him.

"Here they are!" The rest of the cheer team said as they appeared by the happy couple at the same time as Zoey and Eddie.

"Yeez, Zed. Are we done running now?" She said between breathes. "Zoey, Eddie. We're not alone." Addison, the Zombie's girlfriend, said.

"We're surrounded by... werewolves." Addison said, whispering the last part. "Well, duh. We're in the forbidden forest." Eddie said, not surprised.

"What wolves?"
"Here wolves?"
"Werewolves?" The Aceys all said in unison before taking up their phones.

"Nobody's going to believe this." Zed laughed. "Says the non-dead dead guy." Eddie added as she crossed her arms over her chest.


"They are making this a bigger deal than it already is. The werewolves have been here for hundreds of years and they've never bothered us. We were the ones who trespassed on their territory." Eddie whispered to her mother.

"You know the belief-system of the town, Ed. It doesn't matter what you say now." Her mom told her.

"Now Mayor Missy's talking. Surprised to see what she's decided." she mumbled.

"Probably reinstating the anti-monster laws." Eddie whispered.

"By order of city council, effective immediately, all an anti-monster laws are reinstated." The mayor said before slamming the gravel to end the court.

"Called it." Eddie said to her mother. "Mom, that is unfair!" Addison yelled at her mom, but was told to shut up.

Eddie's smile fell at the thought of Addison and Zed not allowed to be together anymore. She loved the pair and everything that hurt her best friend, hurt her too.


"Bite me!" The brunette snapped at a cop as he tried to stop her from entering Zombietown.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We're closed. For good." The coach said to a worker as he slammed the top of his Fro-yo cart shut.

"Come on, coach! Your fro-yo is the best!" Eddie whined. "Sorry, Ed." He said.

"Dreams of Fro-Yo success melted away. With monsters everywhere. Look, I like zombies. They like Fro-Yo. But werewolves like human flesh. Maybe with sprinkles. Everybody likes sprinkles." He cried.

"Oh, relax. Now you're just overreacting! Werewolves aren't that bad. Besides, they've been here for hundreds of years and never bothered us. Why do it now?" Eddie asked.

"Just run!" The coach said before taking his cart and running away. "You don't fear werewolves?" The construction worker asked the brunette next to him.

"No, why should I? The cheer team trespassed on their territory which is why they were seen. Why should they bother us now when they have never before?" She asked.

He smiled at her. "You look awfully young to be a construction worker." She commented.

"Eddie!" Zed yelled from behind her. She scanned his features closely one last time before walking away to talk to her monster friend.

"What are you doing here? It's not safe. Go home." He told his friend. "Oh, for Heaven's sake, Zed. We were on their territory! Everyone is overreacting." Eddie said, annoyed that no one would listen to her.

"Go home, Eddie." The zombie said. The brunette rolled her eyes before turning around and walking on her way home.

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