"With being a hero, looking good is important! Look alive because from now on you're real heroes!" Allmight said, well yelled.

The students walked out of the tunnel, all admiring their costumes. Y/n herself thought that she could get a new costume with her not actually getting to decide on her last one. She decided to keep the style the same as the traditional sorceress design, but changed it more to of her liking. She was pretty impressed with how it came out.

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Y/n looked over everyone's costume, each unique and none the same as another.

Some were exposing skin, some showing none like the bird headed guy. She thought that everyone suited the costume they were wearing, although she wouldn't say that to their faces.

She scanned across the crowd and saw no Midoriya. She didn't know what his costume looked like since she was never shown his design. A green rabbit looking thing came and stood infront looking up at her expectantly.

"Can I help you?" The tall h/c haired girl asked the shorter figure.

The green thing giggled then replied. "Woah Y/n, you look so cool!" Y/n recognized that voice as Midoriya's.

"Thanks, you... kinda look like a bunny." Y/n reluctantly said while tilting her head, not wanting to upset the boy.

"A-ah , thanks Y/n!" The boy thanked bashfully not knowing if that was meant to be a complement or not .

"Shall we get started!" Allmight yelled, successfully getting everyone's attention. "Your battle partners will be decided by drawing out of a box!" The teacher said.

"Is that really the best way?" A person in a knight like outfit asked.

"It makes sense doing it this way, seeing as heroes might need to team up with another hero from another agency during emergencies..." The boy beside Y/n explained.

"But there is an uneven amount of people in the class! How will that work?" The knight guy continued.

"In the box there is a ball that says 'N/A' on the front, this means that the student that picks this will be a 'floater', who ever finds them first is on their team, okay! Lets do this!"

When it was Y/n's turn she went and grabbed a ball from the box in Allmight grip. Each ball had the initials of each person in the class with the exception of the 'N/A' ball.

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