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Usually I have time to sit around and be a couch potato, but today I was late. So I did what a natural crazy person wold do: FREAK OUT. I grabbed my backpack, sprinted down the stairs of the flat I lived in and was out the door in less than 10 seconds. Lexi, my favorite person in the world and my roomie yelled something that I could not hear.

Once I went outside everything went a butt-load of alot better. Up ahead, I spotted my favorite green mermaid sign.I was in desprate need of a coffee. I went in like a boss and fell flat on my face. I picked myself up and sauntered up to the counter sassily. The waiter, staring at me like a rude idiot,finally asked what I wanted. I gave him my oder and payed, then stepped out into the warm sunshine.

A couple minutes later, I heard screaming. I stopped and looked around all spy cool and then foolowed the screaming sound. I sprinted around the corner and ran smack into a gray wall. The wall grunted and I suddenly had the feeling of being lifted off the ground.

I opened my eyes to come face-to-face with the same green eyes that I had always had a crush on. Oh my god. I literally just ran into Harry Styles.

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