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"Don't be nervous, you will do great." Max walked up to me. I was standing in front of the mirror for a couple of minutes already. It was my first day so obviously I was kind of nervous.
I turned around facing Max "You will do great too" I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked up at him smiling.
He spend a lot of time in the sim preparing for the new season. I knew he was ready to defend his title.

We walked in the paddock together. We agreed that we would hide our relationship but we were done with pretending we didn't even know each other. "So just relax okay? I will see you after qualifying and I will answer all your stupid questions" he laughed while waving a little as he walked closer to the Red Bull hospitality. "With a smile please" I yelled after him, he turned around with a big smile and gave me a thumbs up.

I had to walk all the way to the media center. Which was on the other end of the paddock. It was good to see everyone again. Isa and Charlotte were standing in front of the Ferrari hospitality. They both gave me a thumbs up when they saw me. I really liked them, they were always very supportive.
Unfortunately I had no time to go talk to them.
I arrived at the media center just in time. "Hi, you must be Rylee. I am Olivia. I will show you around." A girl came up to me, she clearly already knew who I was. She started shaking my hand and showed me around.

Olivia was really nice, we watched the quali together. Atleast I could watch it in a place other than the Mercedes garage. "Do you know any of the drivers yet?" Olivia looked at me smiling. Yes I am actually sleeping with one of them. I obviously couldn't tell her that. "I know Lewis and Max because I was their PR manager and met a couple of the other drivers" I didn't want to explain her how I knew them because I didn't want to tell too much.


Quali was done and I was waiting in the media pen for the drivers to arrive. I was feeling a little nervous, I started biting my lip.
Daniel was the first driver to arrive and he smiled when he saw me. He walked straight up to me. "So how is your first day going?" His PR manager started to record the conversation just as I used to do. "You're the first one I have to interview so I am lucky" I put the microphone in front of him and started asking him some questions about quali. He didn't have a great qualifying result. It seemed like Mclaren lacked pace.

The other interviews went great. All the drivers were actually really nice. I smiled when I saw my favorite driver walking up to me. "Hi bab... Rylee. How are you?" He almost blurted out the truth during the first interview. "I am good, how are you feeling? Are you feeling confident for tomorrow?" I tried to go straight to business. He leaned against the railing between us. "I am feeling confident but the Ferrari's are clearly very fast so it will be a challenge." He smiled as he looked in my eyes. God, how much I wanted to grab his face and just kiss him. After a few more questions it was time to end the interview. "Thanks for your time Max" He nodded, brushing his fingers softly over mine and walked away.
I still couldn't believe I was dating him, he was so unbelievably cute.

The interviews were done and I actually felt really happy. I really enjoyed this. I smiled as I walked through the paddock when Lando stopped me. "You did a great job out there. You were definitely my favorite one" he smiled, he licked the corner of his lips. He did that when he was feeling nervous or uneasy. "Thanks Lando, I hope Mclaren finds some pace soon." I put my hand on his arm. I actually felt bad for them, they really deserved more. "Yeah me too.. so I didn't receive a text yet." I looked at him confused, what did he mean? "from you" he clarified. Of course, he gave me his number last season and I haven't texted him. "Oh my God, I totally forgot. I will text you now so you have my number" I quickly grabbed my phone and texted him. It looked like he was happy about it. He grabbed his phone as he started walking away. My phone started buzzing a little later. I figured it must be Max so I quickly grabbed my phone. It wasn't Max, it was a text from Lando. "Thanks cutie! See you tomorrow" I looked at it for a little while.
Was he starting to like me?

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