Broken Wand Gets Therapy

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Since Varier's wand got stepped on (unfortunately, it didn't get stepped on by mommies), she has to go to the market and get it fixed before it can do anything weird when she uses it. Cedric is supposed to be here and shop with her, but she is certain that she arrived a bit too early.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, she stands by the side in order to avoid the swarm of people. She toys with the broken wand, the splinters of the broken wand scratching and poking her skin occasionally. Hopefully, it wouldn't take Cedric very long to come, or else she is just going to leave and get it repaired on her own.

'You should go to that candy shop there,' a familiar voice rings in her head.

'So NOW you decide to show up,' Varier scoffs at Gála, already used to its sudden appearance.

'I was...occupied,' Gála coughed, not wanting to admit that it ran away from its responsibility earlier.

'Whatever you say,' rolling her eyes at it, she ignores it as it starts babbling about how busy it is and the duties it has.

A bespectacled boy being pushed around helplessly like a chew toy in a group of dogs catches her attention, mumbling apologies softly as he tries to avoid them. Though he is soon pushed over, causing him to trip and fall to the ground. His glasses drop in the process, crushing under the shoes of a man that throws a curse at him for being in the way.

Varier makes her way to the boy that is struggling to find his spectacles within the crowd, bending down and picking them up for him. The boy stares at her curiously as she wipes his broken glasses, his wide eyes resemble an innocent fawn that discovered a butterfly.

"There," she places them back onto him and took out her wand, praying that it wouldn't backfire as she casts a spell, "Oculus Reparo," she taps the frame of his glasses with her wand lightly, the shattered glasses mending together until it is good as new in a second.

The boy is awestruck by this simple magic trick, taking it off again to examine it before putting them on again carefully, "thank you!" He smiles at her brightly.

'Isn't that the Potter boy?' Gála stop its rambling and said suddenly, 'what an honour to be able to meet him here!'

Potter? Looking at the boy up and down, she finds it somewhat hard to believe that this boy standing before him has the last name of one of the most talented wizards despite the resemblance he has with his father. As she is observing him intently, the boy shifts uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Where are your parents?" Verier breaks the silence and asks the boy.

'Seriously? You're going to ask that?' The voice in her head says, she can almost feel it shaking its head, 'he doesn't have parents, estúpido."

'Thanks for telling me now,' she retorts in frustration as she feels her palms sweating from her own question.

"I came here with Hagrid," he doesn't seem offended at all, luckily for her, "but I got lost."

"Hm," she hums and rubs her chin in thought.

Silence falls between them as they both stand there and stare at each other without a word, not knowing whether to leave or try to continue to talk. For a moment she almost told him that she can bring him to his parents but stopped herself before she can even say anything, earning a facepalm from Gála.

'Why don't you just stay with him until Hagrid comes,' it suggests, 'it's not every day that you can meet the decedent of a great wizard.'

For once it is a tad bit useful. She ignores the shrieks of the thing and repeats word for word what it said awkwardly, "I will just stay with you until Hagrid comes."

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