Just another day at the Avengers Tower

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So this is my second Avengers story, so I hope you like it.

It was supposedly a normal day at the Avengers Tower, that is until Tony walked in.

Steve was sitting in the kitchen wearing his normal blue shirt and brown khakis. Clint was sitting on the counter wearing a black SHIELD jacket and black cargo pants. Natasha was sitting on the counter next to him wearing a tan jacket and black yoga pants. Bruce was leaning against the opposite counter in a purple shirt and brown pants. Pepper was sitting across from Steve and talking to him. That is when Tony walked in.

"Whaz up MOTHAFUCKERS! Ready for some fun!"

Steve shook his head,

"Do you really have to use those words Tony?"

"Yes, yes I do, and I said, who's ready for some fun?"

  Clint chimed in,

"What is it this time Stark?"

"Well, WE are going to have a fight HUNGER GAMES STYLE!"

*chirping crickets*

Steve is the first to answer,

"Really Tony, really?"

Thor entered the room and spoke up,


Pepper said,

"Indoor voice Thor, remember?"

Oh, yes, sorry Lady Pepper"

"That's ok Thor"

Tony said,

"So we gunna have a fight or what?"

Bruce piped up,

"So wait, are we going to use real weapons?"

Tony answered,

"Of course not Jolly Green!"

Bruce rolled his eyes at the nickname.

"We are gunna use Nerf guns and other Nerf Weapons!! Everyone back in the common room in 5!"

Tony sauntered out of the room.

Thor said,

"But I still do not understand these Games of Hunger?"

Bruce just sighed,

"We'll explain it to you later big guy."

Thor just said ok and walked out the room.

Clint and Natasha both got down from the counter and waled to their room.

Pepper sighed and got up and went to her and Tony's room.

Steve stood up and put his disses in the sink before walking out too.

Bruce just sighed, just another day at the Avengers Tower.

Hope you like it so far! Please review and if you have any ideas PM me or leave them in the comment section below, thanks! 

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