Chapter 1: Where it all started

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"Kenny, how could you balance my hand like you do?!" Angelina pouted a bit, Kenny tried to calm her down without much results, Angie only calmed down a bit, but she was still a little upset, Kenny grabbed some of the cups and showed her the example "Look Angie, you have to do the following" Kenny began to teach Angie how to do this, she was paying close attention, while Kenny was teaching, Angie asked herself various questions, 'Is this life perfect?'

'Does the world love him?' he just left those questions and paid attention to Kenny, when he finished giving the explanation, Angie did the same but it didn't come out again, so they decided that tomorrow they would continue practicing, when Angie went to Downstairs, he ran into Terrance and his sister Jessica.

"Hello sister, what are you doing??" Jessica turned to see her little sister, she patted her head, Angie thanked her with a little smile "I'm washing some dishes, my mother will order it for me before going to work" Angie just smiled again and left that place

When she got to the kitchen she saw her father cooking, when she approached him, Allan

She just didn't give it any importance, he just thought she was a hindrance to "Papa, can you pass me a glass please?" Allan ended up passing it to her, there was no other way, Angie went to where the water jug ​​was, and she was going to pour the glass, Jessica was passing by, by mistake she didn't see Angie and they ended up colliding, as Angie was grabbing the jug, when it collided with Jessica, it ended up falling to the floor, in the end it ended up wetting Angie and it also ended up getting a little wet on the carpet, what was there, Angie had no choice but to start crying since the water had ice cubes, and several made small cuts and also the water was cold, allan came running quickly and saw all the mess what Jessica and Angie did, immediately in a few seconds their older brother Terrance and their younger brother Kenny arrived, Terrance stayed a little scared by the scene, but what if I know

Kenny was scared, he didn't like blood, but Angie had a little, enough for Kenny to start crying too "Oh my god, sisters, what happened?!" Jessica ended up telling Terrance the whole story, meanwhile Allan ended up very angry inside, in the end he finished mopping the floor, and Angie had to be bathed and at the same time put Band-Aids on various cuts what had been done, Allan thought what could do something to Angie and Jessica for what they had done, but that would be until tonight for no one to notice

| Skip time |

It was time to sleep, Flora had arrived a few hours ago from work, everyone had already had dinner and Kenny, Terry and Flora were already in a sleepover, Allan told Flora that he would talk to Jessica and Angelina about an accident they had had in the afternoon, Flora said that it was fine, but that it won't take so long, Allan only answered with a yes, and it was for Angie and Jessica, when he went with them he said that they will accompany him, Angie accepted but Jessica already guessed what would come, but Anyway, she went to see what was happening, when they entered a room, it was all covered in blood, but it looked like it was a few years ago, in one part there were some weapons and others, but they didn't give it importance, it wasn't until they allan He closed the door of the room, Angie was a little scared and hid behind Jessica, she only also had a hand waiting for the worst, Allan ended up turning around putting on an evil smile, he got closer and closer to Jessica and Angie

"Well, we will play a game, and it was called

. . .

The....... Hide....... and...... Seek, run why I'm starting

tell, Jessica and Angelina......"

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