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OLDER BROTHERS WERE TRULY THE BANE of any younger sister's existence. Steve and Sophie Harrington were evidence of this very fact. Steve was intensely irritating and always took far too long in the mornings to prefect his hair. This didn't bode well with his younger twin who also needed to make sure her's was intact.

Older brothers were annoying, yes, but Steve Harrington truly took the cake. If there was a competition for the most infuriating person, he would've come first place, weighed down by a glimmering, golden medal. Well, in Sophie's mind anyway. It was truly incomprehensible to her how she'd ended up paired with someone so idiotic since birth. What had she done to the universe to deserve such a fate? Be conceived?

Pounding down on the bathroom door was becoming quite painful. Sophie's arms were growing tired and her golden hair was sprung out in all directions, sticking to the drool on her half-asleep face. She was a sight to behold in the mornings, just not a pretty one.

"I swear to all that is holy, Steve Harrington," she paused to catch her breath. The repeated banging of her palms against the unmoving door was starting to get to her. "You open that door or tomorrow morning you won't have any hair to fix."

"Haha," he sarcastically laughed. It came out muffled, but Sophie could sense his cocky tone. He was just testing her patience at this point.

"I have scissors in my room for a reason, Steve," she threatened, "try wooing Nancy when you're bald."

Steve frowned as he opened the door provokingly slowly, he leaned against the doorframe, "she loves me for my personality actually, but thanks."

"Dude, no one loves you for your personality," Sophie mocked, shoving past him at an alarming rate, knocking him onto the floor.

He quirked an eyebrow at her. "Do you wanna walk to school today or something? Because as a person with no license you're being way too brave." He laughed at her panicked expression, sprawled out on the floor and not making a move to get up.

Sophie sighed at her brother's evilness before flashing him a sweet smile, "you're right, sorry, Steve." She shut the door, mumbling a string of very strong expletives under her breath. "I'm sorry you're such an awful driver actually. I wish I had my fucking license," she whispered under her breath, reaching for her minty toothpaste.

"I heard that!" Steve called from the other side of the door. "By the way, we have to pick up Nance, so I'd speed it up."

One day Sophie Harrington was going to be in the Hawkins Post for murdering her brother. She was going to strangle him with his hair.

Here lies Steve 'the hair' Harrington, ironically killed by his hair.

She scrubbed her teeth thoroughly, trying to ensure that they were unrealistically clean. She brushed through her pin-straight hair, not one hair could be out of place. Sophie washed her face, applying the tiniest touches of make-up. With all the time Steve took up she barely had time to breathe never mind go through her whole make-up routine.

Sophie was grateful to be a cheerleader on days like this, instead of spending a preposterous amount of time searching for an outfit, she could just squeeze on her cheer uniform. The green complimented her complexion nicely, she was flushed from the coldness of the bathroom so her skin held a red tinge. She jumped at the sound of Steve rushing her to hurry up. Her routine ended as she grabbed for a shiny, green headband to complete her outfit.

The younger Harrington twin exited the bathroom, throwing Steve a sarcastic smile as she lifted her bag from the hallway. She shrugged on a coat, lifting two pop tarts for the school journey. The twins bid their mother a goodbye as they set off for Steve's car. Their dad had already left for work and he was an asshole, so he naturally never got a goodbye anyways.

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