zero: so in love

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I hurried down to the Black Lake and smiled when I saw a slender figure with blonde hair, wearing all black. The person spun on their heel when they heard me step onto the wooden dock.

Draco Malfoy. My love. He was the one who stood before me.

We shared big smiles as I hurried into his arms. I had seen him an hour ago at the feast, but I still get excited to see him every time.

"Darling," he said happily as he embraced me back.

Draco and I... we have been together since third year. We are now in our seventh year and are leaving Hogwarts in just a little under a month because our time here is coming to an end.

Funny enough, we have been dating in secret for all those years. Of course, our friends and everyone at Hogwarts know. However our parents, they are an entirely different story.

Over the years, our friends have urged us to tell our parents of our relationship. However, we have never been able to come to do so. Anytime we are home for breaks, all our parents do is talk about one another. It is an inescapable hatred, but Draco and I have no clue why the hatred is even there in the first place.

However, with us being done with school in just a matter of weeks, we will be free to be together because what will our parents do?

With that, we have finally decided to tell our parents of our relationship and sort out the issues our families have with one another because Draco and I want to be a forever thing, without having any issues with our families opposing our love.

-September 1, 1991-

"Have fun at school, Clemmie," said my mum as she held me in a tight hug.

When she pulled away, she wiped away the tears that were falling down my cheeks. Going off to Hogwarts would be the first time I would be away from my parents. I had never been more nervous or scared in my life.

"You will write everyday, right?" I asked.

Mum laughed and nodded. "Of course, darling. I'm going to miss you so much."

I gave her one more, big, hug before turning to my dad. He opened his arms to me and I jumped into his embrace.

"You will love Hogwarts, Clem," he said after I pulled away from the hug. "Just remember to stay away from that Malfoy boy," he said warningly.

Ever since I can remember my parents have warned me of the Malfoys. They have labeled them as horrible people and apparently they see us the same way. I have never been told why, though I have never really cared to know either.

"Of course, Dad. Do you promise to write, too?"

He gave me a soft smile and squeezed my shoulder. "Everyday and more. Now hurry along. You don't want to miss the train," he said, since the whistle had blown, which was to alert everyone that it would be departing soon.

A rush of excitement and nerves overtook me as I gave the two of them one last, big hug.

"I love you both. Don't forget to write!" I called as I hurried to the nearest entrance to the train.

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