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Jour was sitting in her room, looking over the papers in her hand, and Ron was standing. Ron had been here since he escaped with his son from their home and the countess found them and gave them jobs and a place to hide. To say that she made their life better was not an understatement. He was more loyal to her than the Count.

"You know what to do, right Ron?"

"Yes, Countess," he said bowing as he was ready to leave the room.

"Also, send someone you trust to help Cale pack some of his stuff,"

Ron nodded his head as he left.

"Well that is taken care of, now it's just a waiting game until tomorrow," said Jour as she was smiling but sadness could be seen in her eyes.

Next Day~

Jour could be seen walking to the Count's office with papers in her hand, head held high and grace. She knocks on the door and it opens, she walks straight to his table and throws the papers on it.

"Read them and sign,"

"What happen Jour and what is this?"

"Read them,"

Deruth motions the advisors and servants to leave the room and proceeds to read the papers.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

"Exactly what it says, I want the divorce,"

"But why?! You have everything you want and we have Cale. What would he think?"

"What would he think or what would people think of you? Also, don't bring MY son into this right now! Do you think I don't know what you've been up to? You think you have been cautious so no one knows?"

"W-what you talking about Jour?"

"You have the audacity to lie to me and my son for 5 years and then say you don't know? Just sign the papers Deruth, it's better for both of us,"

"Haha, I can sign the papers but Cale is not going with you. He is going to stay here,"

"You think Cale will stay with you, keep on dreaming. He is going with me. You have another son, take better care of him."

"How long have you known about this?" he finally asks with his eyes down.

"Now you have shame to look away? The way you asked me the question sounded like you didn't plan to ever tell me, did you?"

"No, but don't you wanna know why? Why did I do it? Was it on purpose or a mistake?"

"Will it make a difference to what you did or how it impacted me or Cale? Or even that woman and her child? So no, I'm not interested in your excuses."

"We can still be a family, you, me, and Cale. And no one has to know about them."

"You really think I would degrade myself and Cale like that? Do you really think no one knows? What about her and her son's feelings? You really just think about yourself. This was not the man that I married, so just sign the god damn papers and we can all be on our ways."

He finally sign the papers and Jour picked them up and looked them over.

"This will be the last time you will meet Cale or me unless Cale wants to meet with you, so enjoy the time you have with him. We will be leaving soon."

With that, she turns around and leaves the office with her head held high. Of course, it didn't take that long for the news of the divorce to spread through the whole mansion. People were taking sides, some still don't know the reason for the divorce and wouldn't find out until a few weeks. Some praised her and some bad-mouthed her for not thinking about her kid.

While that was going on Deruth finally found the courage to go see the child he has been neglecting. He knocks on the door and when he hears yes he enters and sees his son sitting on his bed. No one speaks and it's an awkward atmosphere.

"Do you really want to go with your mother and not stay with me?"

"Yes, I want to go with mother."

"You could be the heir to this county if you stay."

"I don't want to be the heir, Father. Also, I know the reason why we leaving so you don't have to pretend."

"I'm sorry," and with that, he left.

Cale honestly didn't know what to feel because this person is really a coward through and through, no matter the life. He knew he shouldn't say these things about his own father but he couldn't help it. Some things have definitely changed but he wasn't sure, for example, his father cheating and Basen being his biological son as well as Thames family. Even in his second life when he read the novel Thames family wasn't mentioned except for his mother.

But he needs to get strong in this life if he wants to protect himself and his mother. He needs to get the indestructible shield and he doesn't have a lot of time to get it.

But how can he go and get bread without being suspicious? Someone will definitely recognize him. 

Next Day~

"Carriages are arriving in the County with family symbols that  do not belong to any family in the Roan Kingdom."

"I have a feeling I know who but let's go see and greet them."

As they are making their way to the front of the mansion, they see Jour and Cale as well as some servants already standing in the front with carriages in their sights. They can also see people lining the streets as the carriages are making their way straight toward them. As the carriages stop, the door opens they see a man in his early thirties with red hair getting out. Clearly, he was a very handsome man with beautiful red hair and chocolate brown eyes. He heads straight towards the Countess and stops in front of her. 

"How have you been, sister?"

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